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Netherlands Netherlands / Kennels
(62) Achteraf info
Alba Nuadh Tollers info
RA Mississippi Girl from Nova's Power (Eshra)
Dutch Ch. Lux. Junior CH, Europajugendsieger, Winster ´08, RN Red Fairy Tales Leaf from Heaven (Mayla)
Dutch,LUX, BEL. INT. VDH. Ch, JW'10, NJK, BJS '10 Alba Nuadh Abby Na Mayla (Stevie)
Dutch, VDH, LUX CH. NJK, BJK, BJW'13, W'13, BWNL'13 Alba Nuadh Soave di Stevie (Gwenny)
Alba Nuadh Mayla's Once Upon a Time (Pink)
BJWNL '16, BJS '16, NJK'17, LJCH'17 Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Best Kept Secret (Suzy)
Alliance de la Vie info
Alliance de la Vie Ruby's Duke + (Duke)
Alliance de la vie Bracken's Disney + (Disney)
Alliance de la Vie Disney's Dernier (Veltha)
Winster 2004 Alliance de la Vie Disney's Gamine (Djessie)
Nederlands Kampioen-Belgian Winster.2007 Alliance de la Vie Red Bogus (Bogus)
Veteranen Winster 2010 Alliance de la Vie Red Maple Leaf + (Maple)
Alliance de la Vie Tropical Special + (Dobey)
Alliance de la Vie Picsou's Djingels + (Djingels)
Ned. Kamp. Winster 2006 Alliance de la vie Amitiè Mignon (Aimee)
Alliance de la Vie Bluff's Acoya (Acoya)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Amber + (Amber)
Alliance de la vie Gamine's Souvenir (Dizzy)
Alliance de la Vie Gamine's Memory (Mirre)
Alliance de la Vie Banty's Gillican (Gilly)
Brussels Dog Show Best Junior 2007 Hedera's for Alliance (Gomez)
Alliance de la Vie special Yiska (Yiska)
Alliance de la Vie My Dear Valentine (Berber)
Rainier's Vermilion Blitz (Blitz)
Alliance de la Vie Knowing Me (Bjorna)
Brussels Best Junior 2013 Red Raisins Bayard For Alliance (Murphy)
Glendermacki Red Cragg (Kyran)
Amandelgaard Tollers info
We have a small kennel whit 10 tollers.6 of them lives in and around our home whit us.The other tollers are living by nice family's.We take every day  the dogs out whit the car.Mostly we going whit them to the sea or to the forest.We train them.And we show them.We have some times a litter.On our site you can find much information and photo's.
Arvum Nova info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Daintree's Dutch Canadian Puck (Puck)
Dutch Edition Demi Fateful Red (Demi)
Britts Xena of Stroezel Sensation (Nova)
Welcome to Arvum Nova
Axstandas info
Lovisa van het Bovenwater (Tyda)
Canna Dea's info
Manitoba Brennan Under The Red Sky († Brennan )
Riverdance Kelvin Under The Red Sky († Kelvin)
River Nova Arctic Dream (Marit)
Honey Creek's Heart of Midlothian (Frida)
Canna Dea's Cetus Red Mira (Izzy)
welcome to Kennel Canna Dea's,
you will find information about the breed
our dogs,breeding and studdogs
Cashel Vale info
Int. Champion, Ned. Lux. Slo. DRC. VDH. Eur.02. Can. Ch. Zz Redhead of Great Pleasure (Red)
Cashel Vale of Great Pleasure (Cash)
Int. champion, Lux/Dutch champion Ch. Care for Hailey from Cashel Vale (Hailey)
Luxembourg champion Ch. All about Eve from Cashel Vale (Eve)
Int. Ch. Dutch Youth Ch, Lux ch., SK Ch. Ch. Red Rio Chowilawa from Cashel Vale (Rio)
Luxembourg Champion Ch. Raindrops on Roses from Cashel Vale (Roos)
Dutch youth champion, Luxembourg Ch. Dutch champion. Red's Mackenzie from Cashel Vale (Mackenzie)
European Youth Ch. Club Ch. Rising Star from Cashel Vale (Kate)
Dutch youth champion Kasomor's roy to Cashel Vale (Roy)
Rio Grande Nirja from Cashel Vale (Nirja)
Welcome to the site from Cashel Vale. Update 08-10-14.
Coltsfoots info
It’s Dog Latin Lytse (Lytse)
Con Fuoco info
VDH Ch. It's Dog Latin New Kid in Town (Nilo)
Merricks Choice from RoEs' Place † (Coda)
Con Fuoco Tolling in the Deep (Bizzy)
Xpressive Segno vom Lech-Toler Nest (Segno)
Dayliva Angels info
Wahots Lasimo van Obergums Hand (Daya)
Rhinferry's Dune's Last Jewel (Liv)
De Tevreden Rakkers info
Herah of Great Pleasure (Herah)
Des amis de l'eau info
Kim's Red Power From Amara's Magic (Noppes)
I go wild from Nova's Power (Nada)
Topaz (Niente)
Dyonisus Home info
Louisiana Fleur from Nova's Power (Fleur)
Jänta Pirta from RoEs' Place (Jip )
Frá Hreinir-Veller info
Fricka of Great Pleasure (Fricka)
Red-Mette Frá Hreinir-Veller (Mette)
From Amara's Magic info
Amara From Nova 's Power (Kim)
From Nova's Power info
From Nova's Treasure info
Cadisha Golden House I'm So Hot (Bente)
From Red Earth info
Utah of Great Pleasure (Utah)
From RoEs' place info
CACIAg, Swedish Agility Toller of the Year 2004+2005 Crony Jasmé van de Siberische Hoeve (Crony (1998-† 2010))
Damsel Moel Gael uit de Brieltjes (Damsel (2002-† 2016))
Working Beauty's Brilliant Blaze (Freja (2002-† 2018))
Clubwinnaar 2006 Blame Ranai from RoEs' place (Blame (2003-† 2018))
Duchess Cera Leoch From RoEs' Place (Cera (2005-† 2016))
Fauntleroy Grissom From RoEs' Place (Grissom (2006-2017))
Jeugdwinster 2007 Garnet Winona From RoEs' Place (Winny (2007-† 2013))
VDH-Bsjg.'08', CACIAg Ishtar's Ceara From RoEs' Place (Yrish)
Kady Rapid Charger From RoEs' Place (Kaatje)
Lady Lyall Chadica From RoEs' Place (Lientje)
Marillions Dreams From RoEs' Place (Mosi)
Novel Nescio Quest From RoEs' Place (Nitza)
Lord Lyel Freson From RoEs' Place (Eppo (2010-† 2020))
Orawika's Onora From RoEs' Place (Ootje)
Orawika's Orlina From RoEs' Place (Neeltje)
Prinsessan Cronia From RoEs' Place (Nia)
Tollerbreeder in the Northern part of The Netherlands, come and find out where we live and see our dogs! We love to work with our dogs,  huntingtraining and practical hunting, agility, hoopers and obedience! Updated regularly!
From the Toller Planet info
Yutah of Great Pleasure (Yutah)
Haopertse Snuffels info
Cc Zoë of Great Pleasure (Zoë)
Bellakira of Great Pleasure (Kira)
Yazhimace (Mace)
Faizan (Fai)
Ninna Ricci v.d. Haopertse Snuffels (Ziba)
Sunshine v.d. Haopertse Snuffels (Sunny)
We have a small kennnel. We breed only once a year a litter.
Kennel of Northern Strain info
Toivo Under the Red Sky (Lotus)
Golden en Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Manusia info
Nirvelli info
Int.NL.DT (VDH)LU CH ,BW '06, Winner 2006, Bundessieger 2007 alliance de la vie premier collin (collin)
alliance de la vie rubra canis nolan (nolan)
NL CH.NL Youth Ch,Europajugendsieger'08, Belgian Junior winner08 lauvstuas indian payat (Yuma)
JWW'11,Rheinlandjugendsieger'11, EJS'11 Alliance De La Vie Nirvelli's Dream (Jodi)
NJK Redfox Springhearts2 Nirvelli (Jazzlynn)
Nirvelli Honey I am Home (Fanny)
Nirvelli Midsummer Nights (cato)
Novalicious info
Alba Nuadh McStevie's Karyarat Kim (Evy)
Of Stroezel Sensation info
Zany of Great Pleasure (Noah)
Britt's Kim of Stroezel Sensation (Kim)
Joy of Great Pleasure (Joy)
Britt's Zoë of Stroezel Sensation (Zoë)
Kim's Fay of Stroezel Sensation (Fay)
Op de Hoge Birkt info
Beverly Hill's From Novas Power (Mazzel)
Brackly Sayèn v. Telgter Spreng † (Pascha)
Quadrupes Fidelis Solis info
Vanka the dazzling duckdog (Vanka)
Quadrupes Fidelis Solis Shenadoah (Shena)
Quadrupes Fidelis Solis Luxor (Luxor)
Quadrupes Fidelis Solis Shukaya (Shuka)
Quadrupes Fidelis Solis Roxi (Roxi)
Red Calypso's info
Bradiance (Kyra)
Red Calypso's Amazing Whisper (DeeJee)
Red Fairy Tales. info
Amber Under The Red Sky (Amber)
Saffier Under The Red Sky (Saffier)
Canagold's Banja Luka (Aslan)
Keepsakes Chance at Fairytales (Dylan)
Red Fairy Tales Christal Ball (Christal)
KD's Red Fairy Tales Ruby (Ruby)
A kennel-site about the beautiful breed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. The site is always kept up to date, and has beautiful movies. Just look it is worth while. We just made our site multi- language
Red Glory info
DE-VDH CH, Belgium Junior Winster 2008, Bundessieger '09 Alliance de la Vie Barkarole (Caya)
NL - BE - DE VDH - Lux - INT CH, NL and Lux Youth CH Desire of Red Glory (Jillz)
NL- DE VDH- Int CH - NL Youth CH -DE-VDH Youth CH -Lux Youth Ch Alba Nuadh Elina Di Stevie (Jeevi)
NL-SE-Int CIE- Int CIB - DE VDH CH,NL-BE-Lux-DE VDH Youth CH Final Fantasy of Red Glory (Ziva)
NL CH, BE Youth CH, EuropeYouth Winner Caribbean Rumba of Red Glory (Abby)
NL Youth CH, Benelux Junior Winner 2018 Franchi of Red Glory (Pip)
We are a small kennel in de middle of the Netherlands. We work with our tollers in hunting and we like to go to shows. Only 1 or 2 times a year we have a litter.
Red Riverlands info
The Rhineferry Tales Of Elma Kinley (Kimber)
Rhineferry Kennel info
Vorenda of Great Pleasure (Orenda)
The Rhineferry Tales of Flame (Flame)
The Rhineferry Tales of Cloudy Sky (Cloudy)
Ymra of Great Pleasure (River)
The Rhineferry Tales of Rivers Gem (Niels)
NJK.NK Rhineferry's Wishing on the Star (Sterre)
Redwyn's Orion at Rhineferry (Orion)
Rhineferry's Name is Diamond Dune (Dune)
Appalachian's Gimogah Aqua at Rhineferry (Aqua)
This site will show you the tollers I breed with, lots of pictures of them and other Rhineferry Tollers, their healthcertifcates and pedigrees
Ruadhan info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Canna Dea's Dancing Heart of Honey (Yindi)
CIE, NL CH, DE CH, VDH CH It's Dog Latin Pride and Joy (Fellow)
Tantramar's Beaubassin Pride (Tibbe)
Rhineferry's Ruadhan Little Jewel (Joya)
Floris of Great Pleasure † (Piper)
Ruadhan info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
CIE, NL CH, DE CH, VDH CH It's Dog Latin Pride and Joy (Fellow)
Canna Dea's Heart of Honey (Yindi)
Rhineferry's Ruadhan Little Jewel (Joya)
Floris of Great Pleasure † (Piper)
Tantramar's Beaubassin Pride (Tibbe)
Salty River info
Miccy Uit de Brieltje's (Miccy)
Salty River's Sarah (Sarah)
Site over de kennel 'Salty River' uit Zeeland
Suncatcher's info
Lux. Youth Ch. Oona Topanga under the red sky † (Topanga)
Kishkahdina Elmira † (Elmira)
Suncatcher's Premium Pride (Tender)
NL-Ch, VDH-Ch, DRC-Ch, VDH-Eur.sgr '10, European Winner '11 Suncatcher's Naughty by Nature (Pebbles)
NJK, EJSGR'12 Suncatcher's Happy Hour (Doreen)
Tantramar's info
Canna Dea's Yucca Authentic Red (Yucca)
Red Fairy Tales Itana’s Dance (Itana)
Tantramar's Miracle Summer Iva ( (Iva)
Kennel Tantramar's
Temple of Minerva info
Alliance De La Vie Minerva (Djara)
Lynske (Syrah)
Caya (Sheela)
Mely (Mely)
The Dazzling Duck Dog info
The Green Resort info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Summer Rain from Cashel Vale (Xinzhao)
Niyami of Great Pleasure (Niyami)
Shining Star from the Green Resort (Akira)
Toller from Angel info
Ynat Fenna v.d. Stam de Duffelt (Fenna)
Ayla Toller from Angel (Ayla)
Toller of Carpe Diem info
Gracia van Marhé Ke (Sieske)
Fire Shadow Grateful Platter Maximum (Baerke)
Your Paradise Toller of Carpe Diem (Snuubelke)
Fire Shadow Angel Diamondstar Love Story (Pommeke )
Tollerboomske info
Layla Golden Blackberrys (Layla)
Madam Mikmak Tevreden Rakkers (Mikkie)
Tollercove info
Aramis of Great Pleasure (Kayo)
Youth Winner '04 Alliance de La Vie Tropical Mayka (Mayka)
Tollicious info
Rhineferry's Summer Breeze (Guusje)
Uit de Brieltjes info
Under the Red Sky info
Meritable Meagan Under the Red Sky (Meagan)
CIE, NL, DK, Lux Ch, NL, D-DRC, D-VDH CH Red Fairy Tales Go's Girl at the Well (Zoë)
NL Juniorch. DRC Juniorch., VDH Juniorch. Lux Juniorch. Splash Takin a Bath Under the Red Sky (Splash)
CIE, NL, SE(U)U, D-VDH, D-DRC Golden Dawn Under the Red Sky (Dawn)
CIB, CIE, NL, DK, D-DRC, D-VDH, Lux Ch. Shady Maple Under the Red Sky (Luna)
Lux, DRC, VDH Ch, BE Juniorch., VDH Juniorch, Lux. Juniorch. Manitou's Sparkling Joppe (Joppe)
DRC Juniorch. Lux Juniorch. Sunshine of my Life Under the Red Sky (Maece)
Owners of the kennel are Tinus Kamer and Gerja Slomp. Tinus is one of the first toller-breeders in Holland. Our breeding-standards are high: for health, character and exterior. We cooperate with kennels in Scandinavia, Canada and USA to work with the best bloodlines.
v.'t Zuweland info
Biene of Great Pleasure (Bjutah)
v.d. Amandelgaard info
v.d. Echtinger Grift info
v.d. Tollerhof info
Rhineferry's Queen for a Day (Loena)
v.d. Victoriahof info
Littleriver's Streamke
v.h. Bovenwater info
Sanuye Sipax v.d. Echtinger Grift (Sanuye)
Winona v.h. Bovenwater (Winona)
Talutah v.h. Bovenwater (Talutah)
Redwyn Fieljeppen 2 Bovenwater (Guilder)
v.Telgter Spreng info
NL Ch. NL Veteran Ch, Winster 2009 Perat Gisée v.d. stam de Duffelt † (Gisée)
NL Youth Ch, NL CH, Veteran CH Mogis Ninou Franka v.Telgter Spreng (Ninouk)
Gispi's Jittalène v.Telgter Spreng † (Jitta)
Bunjitta's Moro v. Telgter Spreng (Moro)
Jitthu's Pabla v. Telgter Spreng (Molly)
West Coast Tollers Afrodite (Ylva)
Ylyo's Lively Sybèl v. Telgter Spreng (Sybèl)
Whispering Reed's Primadonna Freya (Freya)
van 't Dekkershof info
Alliance de la Vie Royal flush (Kaylee)
Alliance de la Vie Banty's Gillican (Gilly)
Charming Star v.t Dekkershof (Twinkel)
Eusanit Most Wanted (Smudge)
Don't Leave me Now v.'t Dekkershof (Saar)
All I Want is You v.'t Dekkershof (Kaya)
Sundance Kid v.'t Dekkershof (Muppet)
Daenerys Pleasure v.'t Dekkershof (Woesjka)
Van 't Koegelwiecks Dune info
Amanda van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Amanda)
Arthur van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Arthur)
Aura van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Aura)
Chica van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Chica)
Silke van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Silke)
Sjef van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Sjef)
Tuskett van 't Koegelwiecks Dune (Tuskett)
Laika Linet Luco van de Echtinger Grift (Laika)
(Please use Internet Explorer. Firefox makes the site much too small to be useful)
van de stam de duffelt info
manusia's atuk-savannah (atuk)
qilaituaq myrgu van de echtinger grift (qilai)
mogis torak fulco v. telgter spreng (torak)
Ynat fobor oetri vd stam de duffelt (oetri)
Hoochienna of Great Pleasure (chienna)
van de Tollerhof info
Red Rock from Nova's Power (Fura)
Cloudy van de Tollerhof (Cloudy)
Von Loosbroekerhaus Tollers info
Wildfowlers info
JW '05 Alliance de la Vie Wildfowler Jewel (Jewel)
Alliance de la Vie Wildfowler Angie (Angie)
Wildfowlers Precious Pleasure (Gipsy)
Wildfowlers Cairina (Ziena)
Alliance de la Vie Knowing You (Kiki)
Rainier's Vermilion Blitz (Blitz)
Wildfowlers Stands With a Fist (Cyntha)
Wildfowlers Callista (Beryl)
Wildfowlers Flannagain (Flinn)
Glendermacki Red Cragg (Kyran)
Dragonflame's Carnival of Light (Monthy)
Wildfowlers Moon River (Mambo)
Wildfowlers Never Ending Story (Roxy)
Info Tollerboek / kennel Wildfowler
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