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Germany Germany / Kennels
(62) Acadian Amber info
Hunter’s Moonlight Handsome Finja (Finja)
Summit Fire Ambala Fiero (Fiero)
Active Asics info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Devilish Kenobi the Diligent Red Hunter (Kenobi)
Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tollata (Keiju)
Water's Edge Red Kite 4 Asics (Kite)
Active Asics Amila (Mila)
Akoya's info
Red Hot Chilli's Desire of Victory (Kiwi)
Akoya’s Basket full of Atemoyas (Lima)
Anima'adoos info
Dt. CH. VDH Red Raisins Bayard Takaia-Blue (Blue)
Lady Maxine del Vecchio Mulino (Femi)
Annapolis-Dream info
Mic Mac Hunter's Eponaa (Eponaa †)
Annapolis Dream Ankyta (Ankyta)
Blackwoodriver Tollers info
Zoe Myrgus van de Echtinger Grift (Zoe)
Riverbreeze Red Sensei Chasu (Mika)
Blackwoodriver Tollers Aysha of Chazo (Aysha)
Official homepage of the Kennel Blackwoodriver-Tollers Breeder of Tollers for practical hunting
Casarrondo info
Stonaway's Piece of my Puzzle (Pip)
Dt. CH (DRC) Rus N' Riv NyyTråå You Are The One (Naru)
Casarrondo Dail Quendi sell (Quendi)
Casarrondo Firiel sell (Firiel)
Dt. CH (VDH) Appalachian's Charvi-Baggins (Baggins †)
Burning red Flame the Dreamworker (Gimli †)
Frequently updated site about our Tollers and our Labrador, about our breeding goals and more.

Only german Version online, sorry.
Devil's Paintbrush info
Ferrona Girl the Tolling Hunter (Bonny †)
Devil's Paintbrush Anas Penelope (Neene)
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Livia (Vicky)
Devil's Paintbrush Gavia Squamata (Mata)
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Willcocksi (Lea)
Devil's Paintbrush Gavia Elasson (Piet)
Dewberry's Dual info
Int.CH., Ch. (VDH & Club), Clubwinner ´07, JCH. (VDH & Club) Objibwas Paya-Kuta YaG ("Paya")
"JUgendsieger Kassel 2009" Dewberry's Dual Bijyoti Paytan ("Bijyoti")
Dewberry's Dual Bazooka Paytan ("Bazooka")
German Juniorchampion (Club) + (VDH) Dewberry's Dual Blessed Louis Paytan ("Louis")
Dewberry's Dual Cupid Paygo ("Cupid")
Home of the Dewberries: Alert Tollers for work & show. Limited breeding. Only German version at the moment, sorry!
Enjoys Life info
Casarrondo Brenia sell (Brenia)
Enjoys Life Amazing Micco (Micco)
Enjoys Life Bewitching Nayeli (Nayeli)
Forest-View-Toller info
Hunter's Moonlight Canadian Chiara (Chiara)
Forest-View-Toller Adventure-Miley (Miley)
Forestrunners info
Meja-Minou vom Lech-Toller Nest (Minou)
Forestrunners Ayascha (Ayascha)
from Marybos dream info
Incredible red Satu the Dreamworker (Frieda)
Arduinas Fae Marybo's Dream (Lillet)
Crazy Days Heartbeat from Marybos dream (Zuki)
from the tolling Wilhelm info
Caledonia-Girl the Tolling Hunter (Charan)
Luna Myros v.d. Echtinger Grift (Luna)
Cupido from the tolling Wilhelm (Cupido)
Fun-Toller's info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
DEJug.Ch,DE&NL Ch, CIB,CIE,CS'12,14,16,Jub.Sg,Frühjahrssg. 16 Buccaneer the High Spirits Toller (Bucci)
Rheinlandjüngstensieger,WT,Vildspår, BHPA, APDR/A DRC&DE Ch Captain Tavignano the High Spirits Toller (Vigno)
JP/R,TP/Toller, WT,C-Diploma, RO Beginner,Clubwinner 2018 DE VDH&DRC Champion Martinique of red Glory (Nicky)
Bucci: HD A2, ED frei, PRA clear, CEA carrier,
Dil D/D, CP1 clear, JADD clear, DEN clear, CDDY:N/CDDY

Vigno: HD B1/A2, ED frei, PRA clear, CEA clear, CDDY: N/CDDY
Nicky: HD: B1/ A2, ED: free,PRA clear, JADD clear, CP1 clear, DEN clear, CDDY: N/N
Glorious Hunter info
Heyoka's Red Flame For D'Taini White Sox (Taini)
Heyoka's Red Flame For Enapay Hope (Pay)
Glorious Hunter Aflame Mimithe (Mimithe)
Heyoka's red flame info
Ch. Pinocchio of Redpine (Pino †)
Bellatrix Nikan of Tolling Tribal (Nikan †)
Zoe the Hope of Great Pleasure (Zoe †)
Anju the Spirit of Heyoka (Anju †)
Choba the Spirit of Heyoka (Choba)
Heyoka's red Flame Anpaytoo Danu (Paytoo)
Heyoka's red Flame for Fantasy Inu (Fanta)
Hunting Halona Cor Heyoka Titania (Cookie)
Hunter's Moonlight info
Int. CH, Dt. CH (VDH), Dt. CH mit Arbeitspr. (Club), CH-Ch. Golden Sunlight Jamboree vom Lech-Toller Nest (Jambo †)
Int.CH, Dt.CH (VDH & DRC mit Arbeitspr) Trialer (à la française) Hunter's Moonlight Caylee vom Lech-Toller Nest (Caylee)
Hunter's Moonlight Arcadian Kjuna (Kjuna)
Foxgrove's Moonlight Gunner (Gunner)
Redadict In Her Shoes (Taija)
Dual purpose Tollers!
Only German version at the moment, sorry.
The next and last litter with our Caylee planned autumn 2011!
Hunting Halona info
Heyoka's red flame for Awinita Danu (Awinita)
Hunter's Moonlight Flying Frick (Frick)
Lepalus info
Piktook's Five Island Leeza (Leeza)
Mysslä's Toto Melanie (Ella)
Lindelberg-Mountain-Hunter's info
Mountain-Hunter Nayeli vom Lech-Toller Nest (Nayeli)
Numa Mountain Hunter vom Lech-Toller Nest (Numa)
Mic Mac Hunter's info
German Ch. with hunting-merit, German Vet.Ch.. Mic Mac Hunter's Bessh (Bessh)
Mic Mac Hunter's Donoma (Lille)
Int.Ch. (CIB), German Ch. with hunting-merit Mic Mac Hunter's Flassh Solo (Ryyd)
Mic Mac Hunter's Hettdyii (Hettdyii)
Springvale's MicMac Kuusyii Pintail (Kuusyii)
† Objibwa's Barribaloo (Baloo)
† Flottatjaern's Prima Inuit-Tuffy (Tuffy)
German Vet.Ch. † Lennoxlove Mic Mac Princessa (Flipp)

A statistic about Bessh's offspring is online.'
MicMac Hunter's info
Nanaimo info
Mic Mac Hunter's Demothii (Mo †)
Nanaimo Arctic Élin (Élin)
Dt. Jgd.CH VDH, Dt. CH DRC m. Arbeitsprüfung Tollarbellas Liebling (Sunnan)
Believe her soul's a Nanaimo (Zuma)
Nanaimo Cassin’s Vennjoenne (Joenne)
Odakotah info
Dt. Jgd.CH (VDH) Waswanipi Acaja (Caja)
Odakotah Ayumi (Yumi)
of Pheasantgarden info
Ember red Nori the Dreamworker (Ember)
of Redpine info
Bright Flower's Here I Am
Peanut of Redpine
of Redpine - Golden Retriever breeder
of Sunshine Tollers info
Aemilias Once in a Million (Freddy)
Hunter's Moonlight Magic Moments Mabelle (Mabelle)
Hunter's Moonlight Pancake Palina to Sunshine Tollers (Palina)
On My Way info
Blackwoodriver-Tollers Cora of Ayper (Cora)
Hunter's Moonlight Kir Royal Chianti (Chianti)
Pila Maye Lilles info
Mic Mac Hunter's Irmelyii (Irmelyii)
Puccoon info
Leoniver's Icecream Iona (Sunny)
Quickly Red and Charming info
Hunter's Moonlight Flying Ayuki (Ayuki)
Quickly Red and Charming Arbejdsglaede Pinu'u (Pinu'u)
Red Hamingja's info
Dt.CH Lill'charm-Toller's Aivi Ogden (Aivi)
Wildfowlers Harvest Moon (Barky)
Tollerice Belak Ally (Ally)
Red Horizon info
Elogio di Cero vom Lech-Toller Nest (Cero †)
Here I am Anouk vom Lech-Toller Nest (Anouk)
On your mark get set and go Kjouri vom Lech-Toller Nest (Kjouri)
Red Nuggets info
Mic Mac Hunter's Byjaa (Byjaa †)
Red Nuggets Bailey-Belle (Belle)
Red Raisins info
Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi (Ayita)
Red Raisins Bayard Rumer (Rumer)
Casarrondo Bele-Yára sell (Yára)
Red Raisins Chutney Jam (Jamie)
English version online!
Red Starbeads info
A red Amik the Dreamworker (Amik)
Adoreas Red Bandida (Ida)
Red Starbeads Addictive Amikari (Kari)
Red Starbeads Enticing Gunya (Gunya)
Some Parts of the page now in english!
Red Tolling Fellow info
Hunter's Moonlight Indian Summer Bella (Bella)
Sheshebens Hunter info
Abenaki Wayibaa (Wayibaa )
Dt. Jug. Ch.VDH Gamboling red Newa the Dreamworker (Newa †)
Skyle-line's red Arwen Weeko Sheshebens-Hunter (Weeko)
Casarrondo Dîn Faron adan (Faron)
Skye-line's red info
Dragon red Edana the Dreamworker (Edana)
Skye-line's red Arwen Cwen (Cwen)
Summit Fire info
Blackwoodriver Tollers Baven of Gizo (Baven)
Hunter's Moonlight Handsome Ira (Ira)
Tabbenoca's info
Lucas under the red sky (Lucas †)
Running Wild under the red sky (Ayuna)
Napa Skan's Bly FLO (Bly)
Tabbenoca's Azuka Alu (Azuka)
Thanksgiving info
Toll Free Believes in Naomi Campbell (Naomi)
Dt. CH VDH Thanksgiving At Sunrise D'Artagnan (D'Artagnan)
Casarrondo Fae sell ab Thanksgiving (Fae)
The diligent red hunter info
Balice vom Lech-Toller Nest (Alice †)
Kalina vom Lech-Toller Nest (Lina)
Daily Milla The Diligent Red Hunter (Milla)
The Dreamworker info
Lux. jgd. Ch. Copper and Brass's Zaratustra (Sockx †)
Copper and Brass's Bellarossa (Skye †)
Burning red Sun the Dreamworker (Seven †)
Vermilion Nash the Dreamworker (Nash †)
Foxy red Kat the Dreamworker (Kat)
Gamboling red Lin the Dreamworker (Lin)
Skye-line's red Brios Shae (Shae)
the High Spirits Toller info
DT. CH. VDH, DT. CH. DRC High Spirits Virginia vom Lech-Toller Nest (Ginny)
Avellania the High Spirits Toller (Ella)
Donatara the High Spirits Toller (Tara)
the incredible lovely toller info
Cayenne from the tolling Wilhelm (Frieda)
the Treasure of Oak Island info
Flemi the diligent red Hunter (Flemi)
ThorWill's Red Buffoons info
Ch.VDH Thorin Ninos vd Echtinger Grift (Thorin †)
HeyWillow of Great Pleasure (HeyWillow)
Fiine Amalia Cadbo v.d. Echtinger Grift (Fiine)
ThorWill's Red Buffoons Biina (Biina)
Toll Free info
WT,BHP(LCD/VDH),hunt.descr., Dummy A Kanadickens Yakima of Maki († Yakima)
C.I.E. Dt.Ch, Jgd.VDH/DRC,DRCyouthw.`06,clubw.10/14,WTBHP DummyA Oranje v. d. Amandelgaard († Oranje)
WT, mental test plus shot, CD (LCD/GHV) dummytest A Toll Free A Stableford († Stableford)
WT, mental test plus shot, CD(LCD, GHV) Toll Free A Dimple (Dimple)
Dt. CH. VDH, Clubwinner 1996,BHP,JP/R,BLP Bright Flower's Great Danish Duke († Duke)
C.I.E. Dt.SU(U)CH.,Clubw.05/06/07/08, WT,BHP(DRC/VDH),DummyA Kanadickens Danish Hot Spice († Spice)
DRC youthw. `10, Dt. Jg.Ch. Dt. Ch.ment. test, CD, dummy A, Toll Free Believes in B.O.B. (Bob)
mental test, hunt. ab. descr., CD, therapy dog Toll Free Con Prada (Prada)
Toll Free Con Versace (Versace)
Toller's Delight Money Penny For T-F (MoneyPenny)
New update,diary, new pics MoneyPenny litter A,,  Tollerbuch,Toll Free-member of the DRC/VDH/FCI/ JGHV(hunting dog club),Canadian Tollerclub, Swedish Tollerclub and Danish Tollerclub.
vom Augsburger Land info
Gispi's Jente v.Telgter Spreng (Jente)
Red Toller's Kiara (Kiara)
Readyfor 'Nternational Xchange (Reba)
Next Generation Angel One Dancing with Fire
vom Koishüttler Wald info
Amy vom Augsburger Land (Amy)
Cecilia vom Augsburger Land (Cilli)
vom Lech-Toller Nest info
Dusty vom Lech-Toller Nest († Dusty)
Ralexa of Great Pleasure († Alexa)
Alison vom Lech-Toller Nest († Yüksi)
Grit vom Lech-Toller Nest († Gremmy)
Huntrets Lech-Toller’s Kiara († Kiara)
Nova Bella vom Lech-Toller Nest (Bella)
On your mark and go Kjouri (Kjouri)
vom Sölleseck info
vom Waldschwaigsee info
Pandora vom Lech-Toller Nest (Kira)
Alexa vom Waldschwaigsee (Alexa)
von den Ruhrpottkindern info
Hormic red Yima the Dreamworker (Yima)
Arbeiter Nena von den Ruhrpottkindern (Nena)
von Trimborn info
Larry Myrgus vd Echtinger Grift (Larry)
Numa Sipax vd Echtinger Grift (Numa)
Bracken Tara von Trimborn (Tara)
Waswanipi - NSDTR Kennel info
Casarrondo Anira sell (Anira)
Casarrondo Bele-Tinu sell (Tinu)
Waswanipi Askani (Askani)
Page about our Kennel and our three Tollers. page is frequently updated!
Weegobee's info
Ch VDH & DRC Dewberry's Dual Bazooka Paytan (Bazooka)
Weegobee's Atari (Atari)
Weegobee's Barbelicious Binti (Binti)
Home of our Weegobee's pack.
Only german version at the moment, sorry!
Westforest Fox info
Devil's Paintbrush Erithacus Calliope (Foxi)
Wisaweg Toller info
Deutscher Champion (Club) Waswanipi Anuk (Anuk)
Quana Breackthru Di Casa Toller (Quana)
Wowkwis Toller Nori&Ayasha info
Odakotah Ayasha (Ayasha)
Okaloosa’s Naru Nawag Nori (Nori)
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