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(106) "Elmo" Gomez Katho v.d. Echtinger Grift info
Gomez Katho v.d. Echtinger Grift (Elmo)
Blog  & Pictures
Aaron info
Atago The Spirit Of Heyoka (Aaron)
Homepage of Aaron the German "Bundessieger 2005". Pictures an Information about Aaron are waiting for you at his Homepage. If you have any qustions feel free to contact me via E-Mail.
Adhara Arec of Tolling Tribal info
Adhara Arec of Tolling Tribal (Arec)
Aica info
Red-Toller's Aica (Aica)
Aika info
Arichat Girl the Tolling Hunter (Aika)
Ajala the Spirit of Heyoka info
Ajala the Spirit of Heyoka (Shanty)
Seite um den Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Akira info
Annapolis Dream Akira (Akira)
Akito info
Red Raisins Akito Aywar (Akito)
Akki †, Djinnie & Nelson info
Akki von Lech-Toller Nest (Akki †)
Djinnie vom Lech-Toller Nest (Djinnie)
Nelson vom Lech-Toller Nest (Nelson)
Amber info
Pictou Pearls Abigail-Amber (Amber)
Amy info
Amy vom Granitzblick (Amy)
+ Jonah (Border Collie Husky Mix * 14.02.2006)
Amy info
Amy vom Augsburger Land (Amy)
Anira & Tinu info
Casarrondo Anira sell (Anira)
Casarrondo Bele-Tinu sell (Tinu)
Anoki info
Dewberry's Dual Anoki Paychi (Anoki)
Anoop info
A Red Anoop The Dreamworker (Anoop †)
Anouk & Thavwii info
Happy Toller's Anouk (Anouk)
Mic Mac Hunter's Hythavwii (Hythavwii)
New: Also available in English.
Arras & George info
- Annapolis Dream Arras (Arras)
Sir George del Vecchio Mulino (George)
Avamboswelt info
Avambo the High-Spirits Toller (Ambo)
Ayasha info
Brown Water Jumper Ayasha (Ayasha)
Banu info
Waswanipi Banu (Banu)
Bari info
Casarrondo Baranor adan (Bari)
Basima & Auri info
Casarrondo Basima sell (Basima)
Odakotah Auri (Auri)
Bazooka & Atari info
Ch. VDH & DRC Dewberry's Dual Bazooka Paytan (Bazooka)
Weegobee's Atari (Atari)
Weegobee‘s Cwergin Cona (Cona)
Beryll & Cora info
Baccaaro Boy the Tolling Hunter (Arco †)
Vildandens Rapphöna af Nortchi (Beryll)
Piktook's Diamond Brooke (Cora)
Bidash info
Bidash vom Sölleseck (Bidash)
Neben meiner Bidash stelle ich auch mein Hobby, die heimische Essigherstellung, vor!
Bly Nikan info
Sheshebens Hunter Bly Nikan (Nikan)
Stud male at DRC/Deckrüde im DRC
Bonnie, Emma & Basco info
Brenia info
Casarrondo Brenia Sell (Brenia)
Buffy, BO & Cash info
Andra vom Granitzblick (Buffy)
Redwood Mounty's Athabasca Mackay (Scotty †)
Deborah Myron v.d. Echtinger Grift (BO)
Lucky Devil Under The Red Sky (Cash)
Bungee & Tonttu info
Dt. Champion DRC Bungee the diligent red hunter (Bungee)
Awanis Awan Tonttu (Tonttu)
Dies ist die Infoseite von Bungee
Cadde & Tenya info
Cadde Toller Bryvilsár (Cadde)
Riverbreeze Tickling Heart (Tenya)
Califax vom Lech-Toller Nest † info
Califax vom Lech-Toller Nest (Califax †)
Cayuga Na'vii info
Tollarbos Na'vii el Nacho (Na'vii)
LP 1 DECH VDH Ch Vildandens Belladonna af Tingcha (Cayuga)
Blog von Cayuga und Na'vii
Celu info
Casarrondo Celu adan (Celu)
Chester & Hogqqyii info
Gentle Chester of the roadrunners (Chester)
Mic Mac Hunter's Hogqqyii (Hogqqyii)
Cosme info
Gamboling red Cosme the Dreamworker (Cosme)
Crazy Cooper info
Cooper Tahdu v/d Echtinger Grift (Cooper †)
Dewberry's Dual Blessed Louis Paytan (Louis)

Die Toller-Kalender für 2009!

Info bei: ; oder

Verschiedene Toller-Aufkleber, Feuerzeuge...

NEU -> Aufkleber auch für Golden- und Labrador Retriever sowie Zwergschnauzer!
Cuba info
Weegobee's Barbelicious Cuba (Cuba)
Cyra info
Red Nuggets Cyra (Cyra)
Eddy und Hazel info
Small Eddy Wind from Nova's Power (Eddy)
Little Hazel Green from Nova's Power (Hazel)
Edison info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Benelux JCh., Lux. JCh., Dt. JCh. DRC & VDH Heyoka's Red Flame for Edison Hope (Edison)
Eliott & Cube info
Sg. Brandenburg '12 Piktook's Abercrombie Eliott (Eliott)
Piktook's Greenhill Nathan (Cube)
Click for information, videos about hunting training and show results of my stud 'Piktook's Abercrombie Eliott' and his son 'Piktook's Greenhill Nathan'.
Enie & Schnüh & Fina info
Belinda Myron v.d. Echtinger Grift (Enie)
Weegobee's A Sneaker Seeker (Schnüh)
Fina is not a Toller, but part of our family!
Enja info
Cadisha Golden House Enja (Enja)
Eponaa info
Mic Mac Hunter's Eponaa (Eponaa)
Fanny, Kimi, Wolve und Ayo info
Fabulous Fanny the Diligent Red Hunter (Fanny)
Redadict Royal Redness (Kimi)
Crazy red Wolverine the Dreamworker (Wolve)
Hunter's Moonlight Canadian Ayo (Ayo)
Filho info
Nitric Once Upon A Fox (Filho)
Fin & Taija info
Hunter's Moonlight Bluebell Finegan (Fin)
Redadict In Her Shoes (Taija)
Finn info
Moonbeam from Cashel Vale (Finn)
Finnie & Hunter info
Dt. Champ. VDH & Club, CZ CH Foxy Fox Sexy Rexy (Finnie)
Dt.JCH Springer Nova's Hunter of Tuffno (Hunter )
Giaccomo & Huxley info
Giaccomo vom Lech-Toller Nest (Giacco)
Huxley vom Lech-Toller Nest (Huxley)
Google † info
Casarrondo Balan adan (Google †)
+ Labrador Retrievers "BALOU" (*11.05.2004),"Kira" & "Hope"
Hantaywee info
Happy info
Happy Henk From Red Earth (Happy)
Henry info
Sir Henry von Hibbel (Henry)
Sir Henry von Hibbel stellt sich auf seiner Homepage vor, schreibt über sein Leben und seine Aktivitäten; zeigt Bilder von sich und seinen Freunden und alles was ihn so beschäftigt
Hollye info
Leoniver's Hello Hollye (Hollye)
Indie info
Cyrill Indiana the High Spirits Toller (Indie)
Itchy info
Ember red Icheb the Dreamworker (Itchy)
Jack info
Flyingtollers Jumping Jack (Jack)
Jaybo & Yllåån info
Hormic red Jaybo the Dreamworker (Jaybo)
Rus n'Riv NyyTraa White Canvas ( Yllåån)
Jesper & Mogwai info
Jesper vom Lech-Toller Nest (Jesper)
Mogwai vom Lech-Toller Nest (Mogwai)
Jesper & Pelle info
Dt. CH DRC Blackwoodriver-Tollers Cirrus of Ayper (Jesper)
Nanaimo Cassin's Keijo-Pelle (Pelle)
Joker & Sadiki info
Dt.Jg.Ch VDH-LJW´07 VDH-BJW´07 CJW´07 VDH-Esg. VDH-Lsg VDH-STS Seawild's Taste Of Truth (Joker)
Dt.Jg.Ch VDH-BWJS VDH-STJS Seawild's I'm A Game Getter (Sadiki)
Latest update: April 3rd 2011. Sadiki passes APD F with 2nd place! :D
Jola, Jyoti & Norell info
Bora the Home of the Toller (Jola)
Dewberry's Dual Bijyoti Paytan (Jyoti)
Nanaimo Cassin’s Fiery Norell (Norell)
Homepage of Jola and Jyoti with information about them and a lot of other information about toller and dogs.
Jubis info
SHSB Objibwa's Jubis Ci (Jubis)
Jule info
Casarrondo Alfirin sell (Jule)
Kathie info
Solvig van het Bovenwater (Kathie)
Kayleigh info
Red Starbeads Bandidas BigBet of Poker (Kayleigh)
Keet & Luke info
Silvicola Amica Nakeeta (Keet)
mit Border Collie Luke
Kennel from Lauderdale info
Aida Nebraska from Lauderdale (Nebraska)
Nada-Happy v. d. Amandelgaard (Nada)
Aiden Rusty from Lauderdale (Rusty)
Laurin & Luca info
Dt. CH (VDH) Bella Nova's Mr Laurentide (Laurin)
Axstandas I Just Got Lucky (Luca)
Loving Friend's info
Golden Blackberrys Destiny (Tammy)
Loving Friend's Flying Dust Yuki (Yuki)
Luke info
A Red Jumping Luke the Dreamworker (Luke)
Mabou info
Mabou Nired v. d. Echtinger Grift (Mabou)
Ranja Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift (Ranja †)
Maddox info
Roaneden's Maddox (Maddox)
Mic Mac Hunter's Demothii info
Mic Mac Hunter's Demothii (Mo)
Mic Mac Hunter's Herhmiine info
Mic Mac Hunter's Herhmiine (Miine)
Mika info
Jgd.sieger Brandenburg '11, DRC Clubjugendsieger '12 Tollartrollets Molle (Mika)
Inlicios Hot and Cold (Indy)
Mîru info
Casarrondo Calino-Mîru adan (Mîru)
Mocca & Bekks info
Digby Tollers Perfect Burner (Mocca)
Bygdefjärdens Bamm On Top (Bekks)
Mocko http://www.allgä info
Mocko vom Lech-Toller Nest (Mocko)
Moritz info
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Oenas (Moritz)
Mysti info
Crazy red Mystique the Dreamworker (Mysti)
Naboo & Tom info
Hormic red Naboo the Dreamworker (Naboo)
Arbeiter Tom von den Ruhrpottkindern (Tom)
Nada-Happy info
Nada-Happy v.d. Amandelgaard (Nada)
Vorstellung meiner Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Hündin Nada-Happy v.d. Amandelgaard
Nicky info
Nikan info
Sheshebens Hunter Bly Nikan (Nikan)
Stud male at DRC/Deckrüde im DRC
Nyo info
Casarrondo Daeron Canyo adan (Nyo)
Onni info
Objibwa's Onni (Onni †)
Paya & Cupid info
Multi-CH. Objibwa's Paya-Kuta (Paya)
Dewberry's Dual Cupid Paygo (Cupid)
CH. Objibwa´s Paya-Kuta YaG: foundation brood bitch of the Toller kennel "Dewberry´s Dual".
Piktook's Elmfield Avery info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Piktook's Elmfield Avery (Avery)
Celio of Livery Dayliva's Angels (Celio)
Feel welcome on the Homepage of my Stud Piktook's Elmfield Avery.
RhineMeadow info
Rhineferry's Cullinan (Culli)
Rhineferry's Culaq Yuma (Yuma)
Scully info
A Scully of Great Pleasure (Scully)
Scully info
Hunter's Moonlight Duckling Scully (Scully)
Shiwan info
Shiwan Luco v/d Echtinger Grift (Shiwan)
Skeet & Bolle & Jif info
Multi-CH Red Raisins Bayard Skeet (Skeet)
Aaron From The Monastery Field (Bolle)
Red Raisins Chutney Jif (Jif)
Taio info
Sheshebens Hunter Bly Taiowa (Taio)
Toller im Osnabrücker Land info
Cadde Toller Bryvilsar (Cadde)
Riverbreeze Tickling Heart (Tenya)
toller Toller info
Mariendals Red Nose Snoki Nita (Nita)
Mariendals Red Nose Snoki Sitka (Sitka)
Trischa info
Banja Trischa of the Tolling House (Trischa)
Ty info
Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker (Ty)
Uttah + Friida at Work info
Uttah Perut v/d Echtinger Grift (Uttah †)
Friida Mohin v/d Echtinger Grift (Friida †)
AT WORK :: Fotogallery of tollers in action and on events
vom Retrieverhof info
Happy Henk from Red Earth (Happy)
Queen-Happy vom Retrieverhof Thiele (Frieda)
Effi vom Retrieverhof (Effi)
Rosafine vom Retrieverhof (Finchen)
Berta vom Retrieverhof (Berta)
Kido z Vlcich luk (Josef)
Amigo (Albert)
Wilby & Esbin info
Chegoggin-Boy the Tolling Hunter (Lexon †)
Gamboling red Wilby the Dreamworker (Wilby)
Casarrondo Esbin Narwa adan (Esbin)
Yota info
Mic Mac Hunter's Ejyothaa (Yota)
Zuma info
Believe her soul's a Nanaimo (Zuma)
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