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Austria Austria / Homepages
(11) Baki & Nova info
Bubbels (Baki)
Novalischka (Nova)
informations about toller, presentation of Baki and Nova and a little bit of us
Caylie info
Arduinas Davina (Caylie)
Chronos info
Blackwoodriver-Tollers Chronos of Ayper (Chronos)
Emma info
Decoymans Piper Fox Trott (Emma)
+ Jutta vom Lehenfeld and Moscargrange Breeze (Golden Retriever)
Happy und Hugo info
Happygirl Golden Blackberrys (Happy)
Toll Free Del Mare (Mio)
Indy info
Leoniver's Gulliver's Traveller (Indy)
Indy's Weblog. Many pictures. Results of Tests and Shows. Also Indys pedigree and some Videos.
Kenai info
ÖJCh. Arduinas Flashing Kenai (Kenai)
Lotta & Mickel info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Solvingas Serri E Ba-Mi (Serri †)
Bushundens Lotta på Bråkmakargatan (Lotta)
Bella Nova’s Hemsmidda Merkel (Mickel)
Smirre & Honovi info
ÖJCh, ÖCh, C.I.E. Irokese-Red-Hawk of Big Bear-Lake (Smirre)
Honovi of Big Bear-Lake (Honovi)
Smirre & Honovi info
Honovi of Big Bear-Lake (Honovi)
Irokese-Red-Hawk of Big Bear-Lake (Smirre)
Waagosh info
Abenakis Waagosh (Waagosh)
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Austria Austria / Kennels
(9) Arduinas info
Toller des Jahres 2008, Klubsieger '09 '10 ÖCH Lauvstuas Bella Vie Cassie (Cassie)
Klubjugendsieger, ÖJCH, CH-SLO ÖCH Shaggy Toller's Wild N' Sweet Lady (Hollye)
Bundesjugendsieger Arduinas Aislinn (Aislinn)
Bundesjugensieger, Grafeneggjugendsieger ÖJCH Bundessieger Arduinas Bryson Wild Thunder (Hunter)
Arduinas Briana Wild Thunder (Riley)
Frequently updated site of Arduinas Tollers located in Styria - Austria. We breed Tollers for Hunting, Sport, Show & Family!
New litter planned for spring 2014!
Please check our website for more information!
Austrian breeders info
Duckweed's info
Decoymans Piper Fox Trott (Emma)
AJCH ACH CIE Evening Glow of Big Bear Lake (Monty)
Duckweed's Angus Acadia (Gus)
Duckweed's Anya Acadia (Anya)
Duckweed's Acadian Fox (Danny)
Duckweed's Acadian Jade (Jade)
Geroma-Nova's info
Indianbrook-Tollers info
Napa Skan's info
Objibwa's Towar CIK (Toby)
Seastar's Fly SD (Fly)
Napa Skan's Aponi (Aponi)
of Big Bear Lake info
Sienna-red Sweet Pepper (Chili)
Cherokee Pretty Lady of Big Bear Lake (Lady)
Soyalas info
Arduinas Faithful Joy (Joy)
Soyalas Aquena (Aquena)
Timberhouse info
Kanadickens Corvina Di Toya (Nike)
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Austria Austria / Organizations
(1) Österreichischer Retriever Club info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
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Austria Austria / Others
(2) Holiday home - Ferienwohnung info
Visit our holiday home in Styria/Austria. Dogs are welcome!
Working Toller Austria info
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