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Canada Canada / Homepages
(22) Angus info
Kares Angus (Angus)
Ariel info
Can CH Jalna's Beach Blanket Bingo (Ariel)
Baywood Dogs info
Am/Can. Ch. Baywood Arrow of Glen Etine, CDX, CD, CGC, AGX, AGXJ, RX (Arrow)
Can. Ch. Emma of Glen Etive, CD, AGX, MADC (Emma †)
Blaze info
Tollwest blaze of fire (Blaze)
blaze is my first toller :) she's currently working trying out this month for her pcd at only 7months of age :) she's my little star with one point towards her championship in her first weekend at only a few days past 6months :) what a hot little girl :) watch for her burning up the showrings this summer :)
Cajun info
Beinnbhreagh's Acadian Sun (Cajun)
Beinnbhreagh's Cabot Discovery (Cabot †)
Cici info
CeCe of LittleRiver (Cici)
Copper & Jesse info
Littleriver's Celtic Copper (Copper)
Flying Dog Agility info
Hobbes info
Tossers Hobbs of Glen Etive (Hobbes)
Hobbes, our Toller.
Indy info
Foxgrove's Abracadabra (Indy)
Jayden, Tyler & Reggie info
Kylador's Crackerjack Jayden CD WC FDCh RN-MCL (Jayden)
BPISS Ch. Onepenny's One Fight at a Time CD WC JH RN-MCL (Tyler)
Can Ch. Tiana's Spring Piano Man CD JH WCI RA (Reggie)
Kash info
Onepenny Declaring Bankruptcy (Kash)
Kenya info
na Elvebredd's Laird Kenya (Kenya)
Hi folks! I'm Kenya the duck toller.
Nopper perm reg'd info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Ch Ch. Nopper's Modestly Bodacious (Bodacious)
Nopper's Poker Alice (Alice)
Prada info
UH HR Can.CH Kalmegess Notagucci CD WCX (Prada)
Home page for Prada.
Readyfor strives to produce healthy tollers of superb temperament and versatility.
Scout info
Hyflyer's Scout (Scout)
Sirius info
Littleriver's Stars On The Water (Sirius)
Tango & Megan info
Bernache's Red Hot Tango (Tango)
TheToller info
Trio &Tikka info
CH Westerlea's Kasomor Trio CDX WCX SH (Trio)
BPIS BPISS MBPIG CH Kasomor's Wack 'Em N Stack 'Em SH WCI CD (Tikka)
Trouble (on) Writing info
Can.Ch. Yellowrose's Ms Trouble at Kare, CD WC (Trouble)
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Canada Canada / Kennels
(72) Anando Kennels info
Armachord info
We breed for temperament, health and versatility! Our dogs live with us in the house and each is a cherished part of our family.
BellaCuru Reg'd info
Ch Tollegend Team Canada CD, CGC (Ceilidh †)
Ch BellaCuru's Red Skye At Night AGI CGN (Skye)
Ch Caltansis Foureign Piper Lass AGI CGC (Piper †)
Breeder toller and tracking info
Northwest Gaîa (Gaïa)
Northwest Sally (Sally)
Northwest Thinker Belt (Thinker)
Caltansis Kennel info
Canadiana Tollers Reg'd info
Ch. Kalmegess' Lua With Brighteyes (Lua)
Celticpride Tollers info
Daintree Duck Tollers info
Dalry Duck Tollers info
Ch. CD WCI JH AGN Berdia's Electra Ice Storm (Ellie)
CH TD Dalry's Calculated Risk (Parker)
JH WCX Dalry El's Bells (Chime)
Javahill Dalry Foreign XChange (Tally)
Dalry's The Red Edge (Sting)
Quality Tollers for every venue. Breeding Tollers to the Standard with health and temperament the priority. Multi-generation raw-fed, limited vaccines.
DragonLuck Kennels info
Edenvalley info
Kare's Kiki at Edenvalley (Kiki)
Edenvalley Distinguished Gypsy (Gypsy)
Edenvalley Amazing Ceilidh (Ceilidh)
Edenvalley Reach For The Skye (Skye)
Edenvalley Laird Of Fundy Bay (Laird)
Edenvalley is a small family kennel in Upper Economy Nova Scotia Toller's have been part of our family for over twenty years.Robert and I want our Tollers to be family members first working companions second our Tollers each have that couch time we both enjoy working with our dogs in the field, our home has 34 acres of bush and fields right on the ocean so our Tollers gang has the best of both worlds water for swimming and land to run free,Edenvalley dose not have many litters one maybe two a year all our puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding contract to approved forever active homes.Visit our site enjoy the fun side of having a Toller in your home.
Élevage Douance info
Ch. Tollchester's Douance Fire (Fuego)
Pikkinokka's Douance Maestro (Maestro)
Douance Northwest Julian Bzzz (Moustik)
Ch. Tollchester Hot Gossip Douance (Brittany)
Ch. Douance' Leeloo Spicy Girls (Leeloo)
Douance's Maurane la Pagaille (Maurane)
Northwest Slinkie Douance (Slinky)
Ch. Seawild Taste The Rainbow (Skittle)
Farley Kennels info
Ch. Kylador's Bombardier Farley US WC, Can WCI, JH, RN, CGN (Farley)
Brandywine FancyFree at Farley US WCI, Can WCX, JH, CD, RN, CGN (Frida)
Meet Farley and Frida and enjoy a site filled with photos, information and links.
Foxgrove info
Ch Foxgrove's On Your Mark WCX JH CD, US WCI (Jenny)
Ch Foxgrove The Chase Is On SH WCX CDX, US WCI (Chaser)
Ch Foxgrove's Sea Spray MH CD, US/CDN WCX (Splash)
Ch Foxgrove's Lady In Red SH WCX, US WC (Vixen)
Ch Foxgrove's Mischief Maker WC CD (Sprite)
Ch Foxgrove's This Bud's For You GMH CD, US/CDN WCX (Bud)
Ch Foxgrove's Celtic Spirit WCI US/CDN CD (Spirit)
Gold'n Toller info
OTCH, CH Berdia's Mississippi Gambler WCX, SH (Gambler)
Ambertrail's I Am A Wild Party (Bizzy)
Gold'n Toller
Jocar Duck Tolling Retrievers info
Jocar's Goofy Little Character (Lil)
Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave (Mysti)
Kalmegess info
Furelise of Great Pleasure (Sedona)
Redwyn's Nifty Diamond Jubilee (Quinn)
BellaCuru's Caramel Smoothy (Cara)
Kalmegess - Oshawa/Courtice, Ont. info
Can. CH Furelise of Great Pleasure (Sedona)
Bellacuru's Caramel Smoothy (Cara)
Redwyn's Nifty Diamond Jubilee (Quinn)
Welcome to Kalmegess, we are a small home/hobby breeding operation. Kalmegess was born out of our love for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Mission Statement:  To Breed high quality Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  Maintain "breed type" while focusing on the elimination of genetic issues and the preservation of temperment and versatility.
Kare Kennels info
CD Ch. Kare's Atlantic Pryde (Pryde)
CD WC JH Ch. Kares Magic Moment (Magic)
Harbourlights Nifty Duke (Duke)
CD Ch. Kare's Tornado From Chedabucto (Tornado)
CD WCX SH Ch. Kare's Red Hunter (Hunter)
CD WC Ch. Kare's Jammer (Jammer)
CD WC JH Ch. Chedabucto Queserasera (Que)
Ch. Ducker's Mischief Maker At Kare (Mischief)
Kare's Sunny Delight (Sunny)
Ch. Danbury's Jazz Man for Kare (Jazz)
Ch. Kare's Break Water (Breaker)
Ch. Kare's Dream Weaver (Dreamer)
Kare's Red Hurricane Chaser (Chase)
Come and meet the Kare Kennels Family.
Kasomor Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers info
CH Westerlea's Kasomor Trio SH CDX WCX (Trio)
MOTCH GCH Kasomor's Wack 'Em N Stack 'Em SH WCX (Tikka)
CH Kasomor's Game Set And Match SH WCX CD (Match)
CH Kasomor's Pop 'Em N Drop 'Em MH WCX CD (Kimber)
Working our versatile tollers in the Conformation and Obedience rings, at Hunt Tests and Working Certificate Tests as well as hunting over them in duck season. Puppies on occasion. Come see what our tollers have been up to lately! Linda Moran & Family, Chilliwack, B.C.
Katyra Reg'd info
CH CD Katyra's Winter Silas (Silas)
CH Redfox Switch To Katyra (Switch)
OTCH CH WCI JH Kishkahdina Tyra (Tyra)
CH CD WC Kishkahdina's Prince Of Katyra (Dillon)
Kelticfox Kennels info
KijabeWinds info
Westerlea’s Alderlane April (April)
KijabeWinds Take them by Storm (Storm)
Ella O’KijabeWinds (Ella)
KijabeWinds Take-em Sam (Sam)
Kylador info
Dual BISS CH CDX WCX Kylador's Karma Kamelia (Karma)
CH Kylador's Xquisitely Diva (Diva)
CH Rideau's Rebound To Kylador (Reba)
Kylador's Kudos For Merit (Merit)
Home of the only Dual BISS CH in Canada with advanced working titles in field and obedience.
Landsend Kennel info
Le Chenil du Nord-Ouest info
Littlebay Tollers info
Tollwest Red Energizer Bunny TDI CGN ITD RN (Minnie)
Pikkinokka's Moon Goddess ITD RN (Rhea)
Littlebay's Betty White NTD (Macy)
Littlebay's Hufflepuff (Kai)
LittleRedFox Reg'd info
LittleRiver's Little Red Fox (Carat)
LittleRiver's info
Lochnquay Tollers info
Ch. Onepenny's Ketch Me If You Can WCX JH (Ketch)
CKC/UKC Ch. Keepsake Lochnquay Just Don't Stop RN-MCL WC CGN (Jenga)
MadRiver Tollers info
Katyra Kokuma CDX WC CGN (Kuma)
Katyra Tinks He's Funny CD WC CGN (William)
CH Lochnquay MadRiver Fairytale WC CGN (Enya)
Marshland Tollers info
CAN CH CAN JH WCI Berdia's Offshore Holly (Holly)
Int CH Can CH Marshland’s Spirit of Rudolph JH WCI (Rudy)
CH Marshland’s In The Nik Of Time (Nikki)
Katyra’s Lay’n Lo at Marshland (Sadie)
Marshland Tollers is the result of a love and passion for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. We love the tollers versatility, intelligence and temperament. Sean is an avid hunter and he has found an eager and very talented partner with our first toller Holly. Browse through our site and please contact us if we can offer information or advise. Enjoy!
Nopper's Tollers info
Ch. Tollwest Nopper Causin A Riot (Maverick)
Ch. Tollchester Wish's For Nopper (Dickens)
Ch. Pikkinokka's Nopper Kitsune (Kit)
Pikkinokka's Reign of Fire (Sparky)
Ch. Nopper's Modestly Bodacious (Bo)
Nopper's Poker Alice (Alice)
Ch. Nopper's Lady Saphire (Phire)
Ch. Javahill Heart O' Tollchester (Amore)
Oceantide Tollers info
Ch. Kasomor’s Rip Tide Ruby PCD CGN ADC (Ruby)
Onepenny info
HIT SHR CH Foxgrove's Aero Nautical CD WCI JH AGX VMADC VSGDC CGC (Aero)
SHR CH Onepenny's Aerborne Aviatrix Can/US WC ADC (Pilot)
Happy, healthy, handsome working Tollers.  I work my own dogs in field, agility, conformation and obedience, and they live with me in my home.  Aero has produced 11 pups, 10 of whom have working titles!
Oryxes Reg'd NSDTR info
Ch. Armachord's I of Oryxes PCD CGN (Ferron)
URO1 CA UCH CH Aqueus Oryxes Jibber the Kibber AKC/CKC CD RN JH WCI US WC JJ-R (Pirate)
MGrp Win BPISS MBPIG GCH Oryxes Big Pond Cruiser WC CGC (Pond)
RBIS MultiGrp Win MBPIG Gch. Katyra Do U Fancy Duck Oryxes (Fancy)
GCh. BIS Aust Ch Oryxes Fancy Duck Downunder (BiBi)
Gch, CKC/AKC WC Oryxes Duck a Fancy Pretence (Miranda)
CKC Gch Oryxes GildedStag N CopperCoin (Hwan)
Oryxes RedSquirl On CopperCoin (Guinea)
Oryxes Tasman from Cashel Vale (Tasman)
AKC Gch CGC Oryxes East Chute Avalanche (Vail)
Oryxes strives to produce Tollers with playful temperaments and sound structure in addition to good looks and intelligence.  Low volume breeder, we have litters occasionally.  Puppies are born and raised IN my house and are available to approved homes only. Puppies are vaccinated as per Dr. Jean Dodds limited vaccine protocol. Early Neural Stimulation Exercises are rendered days 3 to 16 & all puppies are evaluated between 7 and 8 weeks of age before going to their new homes. STUD service to approved bitches. Please visit our website for photos and the latest news. Pirate Dobirstein Award! Pond finished 2014 as number 1 Toller and number 10 Sporting Group in Canada. BiBi champion at 6months, Gch at 8 months, Australian Best in Show Ch. Number 1 Toller in Australia 2018. Vail Number 3 Toller USA 2018. Oryxes Registered for TOP TOLLERS
Pikkinokka info
Rainkist Tollers info
Ch/SHR/CD,RN,WCX,JH,ONYX,MJDC,AADC Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye (Pike)
Ch/CD/RA/WCX/JH/ADC/FDX/AmWC Jagador's Rainkist Nomia (Mia)
CGN/RN/WCX/JH Rainkist's Fourth Element (Leeloo)
Breeding for versatility and to maintain the qualities of the original toller.
Readyfor Tollers info
GCH Readyfor Challenger By Starway (Redg)
CH Readfyor The Heat Is On By Manitou (Summer)
CH Readyfor Miller Time (Brew)
GCHEx Readyfor Going To The Max (Max)
Jamie Klein has over 20 years experience as an Animal Health Technologist and has been actively involved with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in conformation, agility, and breeding for over 15 years.  She strives to produce dogs that are sound, healthy and true to the breed standard and abides by the NSDTR Club of Canada Code of Ethics.
Red Decoy info
Red Shadow Reg'd Tollers info
Marshland's Rise of a Phoenix JH WC RA CD (Phoenix)
Can GCH Roaneden's Moral High Road RN (Riley)
Can GCH Redshadow's Gotta Lov a Badboy (Verin)
Redshadow's Dramatic Entrance RN (Quivari)
Redfox info
Can Ch Anando's Redfox Hijinks N Kaos (Jinks)
Redland info
Harbourlights Cinniman Twist (Twister)
Harbourlights Red Skiff (Gibby)
Harbourlights Scotia Fog (Foggy)
Redland's A Lazy Daisy (Daisy)
Redland's Alotof Moxie (Moxie)
CanCH Kare's Redland Rocket (Rocket)
Kare's Redland Robin (Robin)
WC Redland's Extra Ginger (Ginger)
Redland's Eastern Basil (Basil)
Redland's Hot Chilli Pepper (Pepper)
Redzone Kennels info
MOTCH Ch. Foxgrove's Circle of Life SH US/CDN WCX RE AGNV AGNJV (Taffy)
HIT OTCH Foxgrove's Whirling Dervish MH US/CDN WCX AGI AGIJ (Sassy)
HIT OTCHX Foxgrove's Guilty as Charged SH, WCX, AGI, AGIJ (Charger)
HIT BPIG OTCH Ch. Foxgrove's Spitfire Trixie JH WCX RE (Trixie)
Roaneden info
MBIS BISS Can/Am CH.Kylador's Bustin Thru Th'Reeds AGI WCI JH CD (Reid)
Can/Am Ch. Seastar's Meadow of Roaneden CGC WC (Meadow)
Can/Am CH. Seastar's Roaneden Darkwater (Finn)
Roaneden's Back Woods Barbie (Dolly )
Roaneden's Win Chester (Chester)
Roaneden Reg'd is a small breeding program dedicated to the whole toller.  Breeding for beauty, brains and health, on a limited basis, in our home.  Dogs who can win in the showring and the field.
Rustydog Kennels info
Can CH Gad's BellaNova Mystery at Rustydog (Bella)
Rustydog's Brandy Girl (Biji)
Saltydog Kennels info
SH WCX WC(usa) Redland's Pegasus Decoy (Deke)
Saltydog's Xpert Scouter (Scout)
Therapy Dog Redland's Hot Chili Pepper (Pepper)
Therapy Dog Redland's Red Slippers (Slippers)
Saucydog Kennels info
Ch. Foxgrove's Saucy Dancer CDX,JH,WC, AGNS, AGJS (Ivy)
Scotiapride Tollers info
Novapride's Foxy Scarlett
Novapride's Ruby Red
Novapride's Ginger Snap
Seabright Tollers info
CH Seabright's start Me Up MH WCX RN NSDTR (US) WC (Mick)
GMH CH Redland's Ahoy There Seabright MH WCX AOM (Timber)
CH Seabright's Mai Of The Fire JH NSDTR (US) WC (Mai)
Redland's ASurfin To Seabright (Gracie)
Seasprite Kennel info
Tollwest's Magic Arrow (Avro)
Kelticfox Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)
Seaterrace Kennel info
Shadowhill info
Shadowhill's Rudy of Novapride (Rudy)
Novapride's Double or Nothin' (Dublin)
Shadowhill's Little Duncan (Duncan)
Starway Kennels info
Stonaway Tollers info
BPISS CH RedDecoy's Little Red Shadow CD CGN (Tiko)
Ch Stonaways Stellar Sunrise WC JH (Stella)
Stonaway's Sunrise and Shyne (Sunni)
Breeding Happy, Healthy Tollers....Naturally!
StoneyRiver Kennels Reg'd info
Littleriver's Lakeside Trigger (Trig)
Littleriver's Pink Mountain Sadie (Sadie)
Pikkinokka's Pink Mtn Jenna (Jenna)
Littleriver's Northern Dancer (Dancer)
Tidy, Taylor, Bounty, Remi info
CH CDX WC JH Kare's Ocean Tide (Tidy)
HRCH UH CH CDX WCX SH, US WCX Rowantide's Taylor Maid (Taylor)
HR CH CD WCX JH, US WCX Rowantide's Quikkr Pikkr Uppr (Bounty)
Rowantide's Remember Me (Remi)
Tikko Tollers info
Tokala Kennels info
Outagami's Foxy Chula (Chula)
Outagami's Beautiful Valley (Genesee)
Tokala's Autumn Leaves (Splash)
Tokala's Black Walnut (Gunner)
Tollchester info
BPIS BIS AM/CAN CH, HIC Tollwest Blaze Of Fire PCD, CGC, CGN (Blaze)
BPIG CAN CH Tollchester's All Fire'd Up (MacKay)
CAN CH Beinnbhreaghs Take Em By Storm (Storm)
CAN CH Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi CGN, PCD, RN (Pepsi)
MBPISS MBPIG AM/CAN CH Tollchester's Top Secret CGC (Topper)
Seawild's Inspiration O'Tollchester (Emily)
AM/CAN/SU(u) CH Pikkinokka's Ziggy Stardust CGC (Ziggy)
BPIG AM/CAN CH Javahill's Heart O'Tollchester (Amore)
BPIG Tollwest Turn'n 4 Tollchester (Mercedes)
CAN CH Tollchester's Spinning Top (Boomer)
CAN CH Ximinez Return To Sender TD (Sender)
Tollchester No Problem (Will)
BPIG CAN CH Tollchester It's About Time (Nautica)
Avalon Tollchester Beachfire (Flare)
Tollchester On Top'O The World (Flirt)
Tollchester Time 4 Ginger Star (Ginger)
Tollchester Who's Your Dadddy (Sugar)
CAN CH Tollchester Hot Gossip Douance (Brittany)
Tollchester Dreams Come True (Tanya)
Tollchester God Knows I'm Good (Meeka)
Tollchester's Newest Attraction (Juno)
Tollchester's Christmas Wish (Snowflake)
Tollchester's Problem Child (Diva)
Tollchester Monkey In The Middle (Monkey)
Tollwest's Spicy Tollchester (Thai)
Tollchester's Hot In Overtime (Morrison)
Tolleast Kennels info
Tolleasts Scotia Breeze (Scotia)
Tolleasts Turbo In The Water (Turbo)
Tolleasts Amie at the Helm (Amie)
Beinnbhreaghs Ruby Leah (Ruby)
Tolleasts Seabreeze Delite (Cass)
TollerPride Kennel info
Tollhaven & Kishkahdina Kennels info
CH Kishkahdina If The Shoe Fits (Shoe)
Tollhave One Kool Trip (Trip)
CH Tollhaven Paint By Numbers (Paint)
Tollwest info
Pikkinokka Chilichili Bangbang (Cayenne)
Tosser's Makin Waves (Splash)
Tollwest Can't Go Wrong W'Raw (Brody)
Tollwest Soda Quacker (Soda)
Tollwest Bush Quacker (Smudge)
Tollwest Jumpin Quack Flash (Sky Pilot)
Tollwest Turn'n 4 Tollchester (Mercedes)
Tollchester's Problem Child (Diva)
Tollwest's Spicy Tollchester (Thai)
Torlan Tollers Reg'd info
CD, NAC, NJC Elvebredd's Flamboyant Mckenzie (Turbo)
Ch. Dobirstein's Golden Snowflake (Snowflake)
Ch Torlan's Allie McBracken (Allie)
Ch Torlan's Chinook Of The North (Chinook)
Ch Pikkinokka's Torlan Kanji (Kanji)
Torlan's Enchanted Lady Grace (Grace)
Torlan's Fan Freakin' Tastic (Izabelle)
Torlan's Gone With The Wind (Dixie)
Torlan's Head Over High Heels (SoCo)
Torlan's Here For The Party (Tequila)
Since 1996.  Breeding for the all-round versatile pet, performance and show dog.  Advocates of the raw diet and limited vaccines.  Health and temperament are high priorities with us.  All litters are house raised in our busy home, on our 15 acre property.
Trilliumview info
Tuffntendr info
Watermark Kennels info
Ch., WC, JH Starway's Crimson Jake (Jake)
Ch.,WCI, JH, RN Beinnbhreagh's Sara Soda (Sara)
Ch., RN Westerlea's Watermark Zephyr (Zoey)
Watermark's Enchanted Ecco (Ecco)
Breeding top quality Tollers with health temperament and orginal purpose as our goals.
Westerlea Kennels (Perm) Reg info
Can.Int.Ch WCI JH CD CGC Westerlea's Surprise Package (Sola)
Can.Ch. WCI JH Westerlea's Betsy Sunshine (Betsy)
Tollers since 1975. Only two living at home now but I do co-own several who live with others.  Greatly enjoy seeing Tollers in all the countries I visit to give seminars.
Whitepoint Tollers info
Kare's Whitepoint Breagh (Brie)
WoodCreek Tollers info
CH Jalna's Electra Ember CGN TT PCD RN (Amber)
CH WoodCreek Blue Flame CGN RN (Ashes)
CH WoodCreek's Eternal Flame CGN (Echo)
CH Jalna's Charlie Red Star (Charlie)
Our Tollers are our family pets first. Breeding for a versatile dog, health and temperament are our priority.
Yellow Rose Kennels info
Kare’s Yellowrose Redwing Teal (Teal)
CH Yellowrose’s Fryer Tuck (Tuck)
CH Yellowrose’s Taylor Made WC (Taylor)
Yellowrose’s Cassandra (Cassie)
Yellowrose’s Hilary Duff (Duffy)
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Canada Canada / Organizations
(3) NSDTR Club of Canada info
Ontario Toller info
Open Hip/Eye/Heart Registry info
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Canada Canada / Webshots
(25) Ellie & Parker info
Ch. CD WCI JH AADC Berdia's Electra Ice Storm (Ellie)
Dalry's Calculated Risk (Parker)
Farley Photos info
Kylador's Bombardier Farley (Farley)
goldntoller info
Tollers: Gambler, Kelsey, Ellie, Chili, Kobe. And the Golden Bay-Leigh
goldntollerthree info
Featuring Bizzy
goldntollertwo info
Jayden, Tyler & Reggie info
Kylador's Crackerjack Jayden CD WC FDCh RN-MCL (Jayden)
BPISS Ch. Onepenny's One Fight at a Time CD WC JH RN-MCL (Tyler)
Can Ch. Tiana's Spring Piano Man WCI (Reggie)
Johnny Ringo (album 2) info
CDX AGMX AADC MJDC MSDC CGC Hyflyer's Johnny Ringo (Ringo)
Kasomor NSDTR - Photos info
CH Westerlea's Kasomor Trio CDX WCX JH (Trio)
BPIS BPISS MBPIG CH Kasomor's Wack 'Em N Stack 'Em JH WCI CD (Tikka)
Come see what Trio and Tikka have been up to lately!
Logan info
Rideau's Mount Logan Summit (Logan)
Mia, Io & Pike info
Tollbreton Ruby (Io)
Jagador's Rainkist Nomia (Mia)
Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye (Pike)
Nemo info
Dalray's Kakwa Wizard Ranger (Nemo)
Pictures of Nemo  5 weeks to 14 months.
Onepenny Kennel info
HIT SHR CH Foxgrove's Aero Nautical CD WCI JH AGX VMADC VSGDC CGC (Aero)
SHR CH Onepenny's Aerborne Aviatrix Can/US WC ADC (Pilot)
Enjoy thousands of photos of my Tollers Aero and her daughter Pilot, other Onepenny Tollers, and also friends and family.
Quincy info
Kylador's Countin' On Quincy (Quincy)
Readyfor Tollers Gallery info
Redfox info
Redland Kennels Puppies info
Rowantide Tollers info
Ch Kare's Ocean Tide CDX (Tidy)
Ch Rowantide's Taylor Maid (Taylor)
Ch Kare's Rowantide Ruby (Ruby)
Saucydog Tollers 'n Cairns info
CD Ch. Foxgrove's Saucy Dancer (Ivy)
Ivy is an all round Toller, champion, obedience titled and learning field work. She is also mother of 5 by Ch. Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner. She lives with two adults, two teenage boys and 3 cairn terriers.
Schooner info
Starway's Donny Red Schooner (Schooner)
Also Scampy
SeaTerrace Tollers info
Tag Team Tollers info
HRCH CH CDX WCX SH AGI AADC CGC Cinnstar's Northern Answer (Rusty)
HR CH CD WCX MH AGN AADC CGC Foxgrove's Red Tag Special (Tag)
Enjoy several albums of photos of Lise Pomeroy's hardworking Toller boys Rusty and Tag, as well as both their canine and human friends & family!
Tollchesterpups info
Tollwest info
Westerlea info
WoodCreek Gallery info
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Canada Canada / Others
(12) 2007 Canadian National Toller Specialty info
A Rare Breed - Indeed! info
A Rare Breed...Indeed!
Article by Vaughn Mullen at "Outdoor Nova Scotia"
Callie info
Hyflyer's Calypso Kid (Callie)
Gail MacMillan info
Author of "A Breed Apart", co-author of "The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever".
Holly info
Berdia's Offshore Holly (Holly)
Johnny Ringo info
CDX AGMX AADC MJDC MSDC CGC Hyflyer's Johnny Ringo (Ringo)
Katyra Canine Centre info
Ketch info
Ch. Onepenny's Ketch Me If You Can JH WCX (Ketch)
Max - FB Site info
BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. Readyfor Going to the Max (Max)
NSDTR Club of Canada - Events info
The Canadian Specialty 2005 will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 2 - 4, 2005.
Toller Puppies info
Tollwest Blog info
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