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(53) Aqueus Tollers info
AM/NSDTRC CH WCX AX AXJ MH VC Manitou Aqueus All Spruced Up (Taiga)
AM/NSDTRC CH CD JH WCI MX MXJ VCX ROM Quill's Kit and Caboodle (Kefi)
CH WC Keepsake's game On at Aqueus (Karat)
AM/NSDTRC CH SH WCX Aqueus Flying Dutchman (Gusto)
Aqueus Hop To It (Pint)
Pictures of our dogs and litters of puppies
Argo & Finn info
Driftwood's Ursa Minor (Argo)
Westerlea's Call Lightning (Finney)
Baggins & Sadie info
Can Ch Kylador's Gandolph For Baggins (Baggins)
Skylark's Funny Girl WCX JH (Sadie)
BalsamPath info
NSDTRC CH Skylark's Vermilion Rosea JH WC (Rosie)
UKC/Int'l CH Vermilion's BP Gabriel's Fire RN (Gabriel)
BeeKauz Kennels info
Blip info
Foxgrove's Did U C That? (BLIP)
Blip joined my family of two other Agility dogs
(Corgi Piper and Aussie GG ) and of course my husband Jerry.  We live in Morristown NJ and plan on competing in Agility, Obed, Field and Breed if we find the time!!!
Ceilidh, Sue & Ranger info
CH Rideau's Copper Ceilidh, CD RN NA NAJ (Ceilidh)
CH Philmac's Bronco Sue RN WC (Sue)
Javahill's Backwoods Boy RN (Ranger)
This link is no longer active
Chance info
CGC Berdia's Chance of Iowa (Chance)
cherieball info
Digby & Pointer info
Hunts Point Mindy's Digby (Digby)
Hunts Point Abby's Piper (Piper)
Doc info
DoChara Tollers - FB info
Struan's Midnight Rendezvous (Trysta)
Tealaska Xcape To DoChara (Bandit)
RN Holidaze Rocket's Red Glare (Rocket)
Kansas show home, where we also enjoy Rally and Agility
Eddie info
Westerlea's Sir Edmund (Eddie)
edlynretrievers info
Forest Cove Tollers info
AKC/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Copper Cadence RN Can. WC JH (Tempo)
ACK CH Kylador's Quaintly Pippin CA CGC RN (Pippin)
AKC CH Trilliumview's Au Naturel (Wendy)
Frog Hollow Farms info
ARBA/WWKC CH,UAG2,UCDX,UD,WCI,FDCh,TDI,BH Frog Hollows Hot tradewinds (Red)
CD,WCI,FD,AG1,NA Ch Lonetree's Deputy Frog Hollow (Puds)
CKC Ch CGC WC Frog Hollows Break'n Rules (Trouble)
UCh,UAG!,CD,WC,NA,NJW,FD,TDI Cayuga's Diamond Chablis (Blondie)
CKC Ch CGC,WC Landew's PDQ @ Frog Hollow (Queenie)
CD,WC,FDX Sylvans Brandi Sniffer (Brandie)
Frog Hollow dogs are very versitile..We participate in Agility, Flyball,Field,Obedience and conformation.  Our priorities at Frog Hollow are to produce gentle dogs sweet in nature with all that wonderful Toller drive and enthusiasm for life.
Greta info
Wassookeag's Greta (Greta)
Hawks Nest Kennel's Photos info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
AKC/UKC CH Cedar Fog's Red Tornado RA CGC (Daphne)
Obedience, Working, and Conformation Toller. Now AKC Pointed. Puppies a good possiblility for the furture. Email for more information about them.
HoneyRun FB Site info
Huntsman Tollers info
Skyway's Magical Siren (Maggie)
Vermilion Let It Ride (Rigby)
Fionavar Fly By (Rio)
Huntspoint info
Can Ch; US/Can WC; CD Skylark Hunts Point's Mindy (Mindy)
Can Ch; WC; US/AKC/Can CD Decoymans Hunts Point Abby (Abby)
Sir Duncan Of Hunts Point (Duncan)
Huntspointtollers info
JavaHill Bucket info
AKC BIS, Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar JavaHill TopGun, Am/Can CD, Am/Can WC, VC, Am/Can ROM! (Maverick)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion Joy4 JavaHill, Am/Can SH, Am/Can WCX,Can CD,Am RN,VC (Winnie)
Am, Can WC Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester Top'O JavaHill (Dyna)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US Fionavar Sea Fury at JavaHill, Can JH, Am/Can WC (Fury)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine The Light (Ray)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine4 Me (Aura)
BPISS, Am CH Tollwest JavaHill Fly Higher (Cooper)
Am CH Tollwest JavaHill I Can Fly (Macy)
Thousands of pictures of our Tollers doing everything from conformation to field, puppy pics from newborns to eight-week evaluations.
kdstollers info
Keepsake Tollers info
Kare's Wild Thing CD, RN CGC (Crash)
CH KD's Gulf Sunshine CD, RN CGC (Sunni)
CH Keepsake's Take em by Storm WC RN VC (Skiff)
CH Keepsake's Code Breaker RN CD CGC TDI (Billie)
CH Sagewood Plainsmen Keepsake (Tiger)
CH KD Keepsake Charmed N Dangerous (Bonnie)
Tradewind's Long Trip WC (Trip)
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH Kare's Keepsake Fortune Hunter JH WC (Rogue)
HR AKC/NSDTRC CH KD's Cedar Keepsake JH WCI (Dylan)
Keepsake's Dreaming in Color (Frankie)
Koa info
Cinnstar's Kaloa Koa (Koa)
Manitou Tollers info
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH AKC/CKC CD US/CKC WC NSDTRC VC Vermilions' Elegant Manitou (Ella)
SHR CKC WC Rideau's Rush'n Roulette (Rush)
Our dogs and puppies
Max - Photobucket info
Vermilion's Maximum Overdrive (Max)
Parker, Maggie and Ribbon info
BIS ARBA, Can, US Chamption/ WC, JH, TDI Ch Reddog's Peerless Parker CD JH (Parker)
WC, TDIAOV Beacon Hill Lennoxlove M'ggie CD (Maggie)
Skylark's Ribbons for Reddog (Ribbon)
Reddog Kennel began in 1983 with the arrival of Duke, our foundation dog and a son of the famous Rusty Jones.  We our proud of the temperaments of our fine hunting dogs who are popular therapy dogs at the local elementary school.  They are happy in the obedience and performance rings but are ecstatic in the field.  These joyous red dogs love long walks at the beach and sprawling naps in front of a fire.  The UPS guys stop and throw sticks for these red heads, even when they don't have deliveries for us!
Peggy info
UKC CH Skylarks Vermilion Pegasus (Peggy)
Skylarks Vermilion Pegasus is home in wisconsin. Parents are: Skylarks Cricket and Berdias Shylo-so-High. We are active in UKC & AKC. We also do pet therapy and this is also home to Star a spaniel mix "Toller-want-to-be "; a rescue from MN .
Piper & Cailin info
Landew's Piper MacNeill (Piper)
Lennoxlove's Hylander Cailin (Cailin)
Pkartes info
Quill info
QuinnCreek Tollers info
Reddog Kennel info
CD WC JH TDI ARBA BIS Ch Reddog's Peerless Parker (Parker)
Skylark's Ribbons For Reddog (Ribbon)
Redrocktollers info
Whelping box, puppy setup
Ruby, Lincoln & Magnus info
Can CH Cinnstar Ravenwood Cu Ruadh (Ruby)
Cinnstars Link To Ravenwood CD CGC WC (Lincoln)
Ravenwoods I'm In Charge (Magnus)
Rush info
Rideau's Rush'n Roulette (Rush)
Sam & Mikka info
Sierraduckdogs info
Skylarktollers info
Lots of photos of our Tollers, plus other albums of family and other pets.  Enjoy!
Stryder info
Littleriver's Sea Coast Stryder (Stryder)
TollCrest info
BIS ARBA/CKC/UKC CH Frog Hollow's Garnet'n'Gold RN FD CGC (Pandi)
TollCrest's Prima Natalia (Phoebe)
Photos highlighting the many adventures of the 4 Ps: Pekoe, Pandi, Prima & Phoebe, along with other family and friends.
Tollerwood's info
MHR WestHarbour's Admiral Halsey CKC MH, WCI, CDX (Halsey)
Am/NSDTRC CH Redrock's Straight Shooter WC (Shooter)
Tradewind's info
Ch Westerlea Coast'l Tradewinds CD WCI (Cedar)
Ch Kd's Cedar Shavings (Rascal)
Lots of toller pics, also pics of early tollers and tollers in the 1980s.
tzulady info
Urania Kennel - flickr info
Vermilion Tollers info
US/Can CH U-CD Can CD US CDX US/Can WCX JH TDI Cobscook's Vermilion Wager (Wager †)
US/Can/Intern'l CH AKC/US/Can CD US WC TDI Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride (Bet)
Puppy pics!
Water's Edge Retrievers info
Pictures of my Tollers and Chocolate labs.
WhiteCross Kennels info
Widget info
Chesagrove's Wood Widget (Widget)
Wiley & Scotch info
Includes also pictures of the Toller afghan!
Willow info
Zephyr's Cast A Spell (Willow)
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