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(14) BalsamPath info
Int'l CH/UKC CH Vermilion's BP Gabriel's Fire RN, WC (Gabriel)
BalsamPath Farm is home to our Toller, Gabriel. We have closed the hardy shrub rose business and are growing vegetables.
Baron info
Vermilion's Absolute Red Baron (Baron)
Beechwood Tollers info
AKC/CAN/NSDTRC-US CH CAN OTCH Kilcreek's Sir Winston UDX, OM1, MH, US/CAN WCX, CAN UD, VCX (Winston)
AKC/NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion's Highpoint of EdTe RN JH WCI NA NAJ (Chance)
AKC/NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion's Mango Cum Laude JH (Mango)
Bloomfield Tollers info
Keepsake's Da Vinci Code RN (Leo)
Flying Dog Agility info
U-CD ADCH Cinnstar's Rembrandt's River (Rembrandt (†))
MACH ADCH ARBA CH Sylvan’s Roxanne’s River Gem FDX CGC (Roxanne (†))
MACH2 U-CDX ADCH SR Lennoxlove’s Red River Tango UD RE JH XF WC CAN CD TM-Bronze (Tango)
MACH2 Foxgrove's Electric Slyde CD RN XF AD WC (Slyder)
Foxgrove’s Don’t Call Me Jack JH WC AAD AXJ AX (Ripper)
Frog Hollow Farms info
RE WC UD vcd1 Sr DD NSDTR/AKC CH Cayuga's Sierra Gold (Sierra)
RE,CDX ,VCD1, TDinc SDD NSDTR/AKC/UKC Ch Cayuga's Painted Indian (Tippy)
CGC,CDX,SrDD Frog Hollow's Dharma (Dharma)
Gray-Billham Family Page info
High Rock Show Dogs info
Bearhaven's She's A Remington (Remi)
Madrid info
Am/Can CH Lakeview Madrona Madrid's Song (Madrid)
Philmac Tollers info
CH Rideau's Copper Ceilidh CD RA NA NAJ (Ceilidh)
CH Philmac's Bronco Sue CD RA WC (Sue)
CH Javahill's Backwoods Boy RN (Ranger)
Quincy info
Driftwood's Quincy (Quincy)
R'Toller info
Vermilion's Critical Level CGC RA BN WC (Danger)
Screamin' Tollers info
TollCrest info
BIS ARBA/CKC/UKC CH Frog Hollow's Garnet'n'Gold RN FD CGC (Pandi)
TollCrest's Prima Natalia (Phoebe)
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USA USA / Kennels
(88) Aqueus Tollers info
AM/NSDTRC CH. Quill's Kit and Caboodle WCI CD JH MX MXJ VCX ROM (Kefi)
AM/NSDTRC CH Manitou Aqueus All Spruced Up AX AXJ WCX MH VC (Taiga)
CH Keepsake's Game On At Aqueus (Karat)
Am/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Flying Dutchman SH WCX (Gusto)
Aqueus Hop To It (Pint)
Tollers bred with health, structure and working ability in mind.  We are located in Davis, California.  Visit our web site for information about Tollers, Dalmatians and Genetics!
Avalon Kennels info
Am/Can/Int CH Jalna's Beach Blanket Bingo (Ariel)
Am/Int CH Am/Int CH Pikkinokka Avalon Mystic Wind (Mystic)
Am/Can CH Am/Can CH Tollwest's Off My Rocker (Billy)
Avalon's One Armed Bandit (Bandit)
Avonlea Tollers info
Manitou's Foxy Northern Belle CD RA CGC TBAD (Cryspyn)
Keepsake's Knot Just A King of Sagewood CGC (Henry)
Beechwood Tollers of Oregon info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
CH, MH, OTCH, UDX4, MOTCH, WCX Westerlea's Sir Edmund (Eddy)
CH, MH, UDX, OM1, WCX Kilcreek's Sir Winston (Winston)
CH, MACH, JH, WCI Vermilion's HighPoint of EdTe (Chance )
CH, WC, JH Vermilion's Mango Cum Laude (Mango)
Eddy, Winston, Chance and Mango - Versatile Tollers
Beekauz Kennels info
JH CD WC RN Silver GCh Princess Cut Diamond Beekauz (Diana)
Walk This Way Beekauz (Strider)
CD WC RA GCH Vermilion's GB Miss Ivy Beekauz (Ivy)
JH WC CD RN GCH Javahill Vermilion Sky Beekauz (Ryno)
Home of #1 Bitch in US 08, 12, and 13.  Diana-as of 2013, only Toller bitch to win breed at both Eukanuba (2012) and Westminster KC (2013).  Five "Rusty Jones" award-winning dogs
Bentz kennels info
Blue Sky Tollers info
CKC CH, AKC GCH Westerlea Nothin' But Blue Sky, CGC (Sunny)
AKC Ch, CKC CH Westerlea Tailor Made Blue Sky (Taylor)
AKC CH Kitimat Fazerina at Blue Sky (Rina)
BlueChip Kennel info
Broadway Tollers info
Int'l Ch/ AKC Ch. Pikkinokka's Broadway Mae, CGC (Mae)
AKC Ch Broadway's The Sound of Music (Zoey)
Broadway's Touch'em All Kirby Pucket (Kirby)
Cyon's Who's On First At Broadway (Harmon)
Located in the beautiful state of Minnesota, land of 10,000 Lakes, we breed quality Tollers for the conformation ring, working venue, and as loving family pets.  Come visit us!
Brynwood Tollers info
CH Littleriver's Bryn (Bryn)
CH Littleriver's Brynwood McCoy (Mac)
GCH Littleriver's Brynwood Celtie CD (Celtie)
SHR Westerlea Chablis at Brynwood JH (Chablis)
Continuing a tradition of Nova Scotia bred champion tollers for the show ring, obedience or field event venue.
Caliber Tollers info
HR CH KD's Ready to Rumble CD RA WCI (Harley)
CH Onepenny Zeppelin over Caliber RN (Zeppelin)
Visit our extensive online gallery of Tollers and Toller events including regional and national specialties. We have over 400 hundred photos of Tollers in various activities as well as information about us, our dogs, and the Toller breed in general.
Cayuga Kennels info
US/Can/ARBA/States/CRS Ch Cayuga's Hanford Way Wc (Dewey)
ATCH, ATChC, O-NATCH, ADCH, U-AgI, U-CDX Cayuga's Andrew MacCanard (Andy)
BISS NSDTR/ARBA/UCICB Ch Cayuga's Lucky Charm WCI, NA, VC, CanJH (Lucky)
Cedar Fog Kennel info
HRCH, HR, CH, JH, WC, WCI, WCX, 2006 Westminster BOB Cedar Fog's Holiday (Billie)
HR, CH, JH, WC, WCI, WCX Cedar Fog Gale Force Warning (Gale)
WC, JH, NA, OAJ, OF, VC Cedar Fog's Midnight Seduxtion (Dux)
CH Cedar Fog's Jazzmataz (Isabella)
Cedar Fog's Calling (Ping)
WC Cedar Fog's Murphy AKA Big Red (Murphy)
WR, CH, WC, WCI, WCX, CD, TD Bernache's All That Jazz (Jazz)
Home to Working Conformation Tollers.  Westminster BOB, HRCH, WCX.  All tollers at Cedar Fog Kennel are hunted over extensively
Cinnstar Tollers info
Can/Mex CH Westerlea's Cinnamon Teal Can/Mex CD (Teal)
Can CH Cinnstar's Western Ptarmigan (Patty)
Hr Can Ch Mex Ch Cinnstar's Ian Of Little River Can, US, Mex CD, WC (Ian)
AKC/NSDTRC CH HR Cinnstars Cherokee Flash AKC/NSDTRC CDX NA WCX CGC, HL1 (Flash)
CH CH Cinnstars Wind Surfer JH, WCI (Surfer)
Cinnstars Kankakee River Rat JH, WCX (River)
CH Cinnstars Solar Flare WCI (Flare)
CH Redleaf Apache At Cinnstar SH WCX (Apache)
This huge site is more then a website for our personal Tollers. It is a tribute to the Toller breed. The Cinnstar Retriever site has an extensive gallery and genealogical chart of Tollers that have influenced not just our own line but the breed as well. Retriever Training articles, breeder ethics, history, and many more are available on the website. Laura White is a founding member of the NSDTRC and is active in many different venues: Field Trails, Hunts Tests, Conformation Shows, Obedience Trails, and Agility Trails.  Laura also offers personalized All Breed Retriever Training featuring "The Balanced Method" at her Lyford Texas kennel.
Crossroads Tollers info
Can CH HRCH UH Vermilions Eureka Crossroads JH WCI MH WCX (Euri)
Vermilions GB McKenna Crossroads (Kenna)
HR Vermilion's CrossroadsTrifecta JH WCX (Token)
Lakota's Bella Of Crossroads WC (Bella)
Vermilion's Bold Bid at Bodanna (Bid)
Cyon Kennels info
DoChara Tollers info
Tealaska XCape To DoChara (Bandit)
DoChara's Fox In Socks (Bonnie)
Struan's Midnight Rendezvous (Trysta)
Holidaze Rocket's Red Glare RN (Rocket)
DoChara's Great Day For Up! (Clyde)
Show home, striving to maintain the versatility of the breed, while keeping true to their beginnings.
Driftwood info
Driftwood's Coastal Clipper (Clipper)
Driftwood's Headwind Hedy (Hedy)
Driftwood's Windjammer (Jammer)
Duckpin Tollers info
Foxgrove’s Daragan at Redberry (Dara)
Seastars Serandipity 4 Duckpin (Nelia)
CH Duckpins The Missing Piece RN JH WC CGC (Winston)
Blue Sacs Falls River Kelpie CGC (Kayla)
FireCrown Kennels info
Forest Cove Tollers info
AM/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Copper Cadence CGC RN Can. WC JH (Tempo)
AKC GCH Kylador's Quaintly Pippin CGC CA RN (Pippin)
Forest Cove's Weather on the Horizon (Doppler)
Forest Cove's Claim Jumper (Caper)
We are a small kennel in Northeast Oregon producing high quality Tollers.
Fourwinds Duck Dogs info
SHR Hunts Points Grizzly Rock RE, CD, OA, NAJ, WCI, VC (CGC, TDI) (Grizzly)
SHR Skylarks Cayenne Fox at Fourwinds RE (Vixen)
Roaneden's CDN Gem O'Fourwinds RN (Jade)
Fox River Tollers info
KD's Treasure of the Sierra Madre RA CGC (Nell)
Keepsake's True Colors at Fox River (Maggie)
JavaHill Surfs2 the Fox River (Rio)
Foxvale Tollers info
Frog Hollow info
Gad's Tollers info
Jalapa's Ginger Snap OAP NJP (Ginger)
AKC/NSDTR CH Gads Spring Hunter with KD's SH RN WC VC (Hunter)
Tradewinds Water Sprite CGC (Taffy)
UKC/AKC/NSDTR CH KD's Sparkling Ruby RA JH WC VC (Ruby)
Gad's Sandra Dee RA BRT (Sandy)
AKC/NSDTR CH Gad's Splash of Spring with KD's CD JH RA BRT VC (Splash)
Gad's Spring Lily with KD's SH RN WCI (Lily)
AKC/NSDTR CH Gad's Hope of Spring with KD's RN BRT (Hope)
Geronimo Kennels info
AKC/NSDTRC CH Keepsake's Not Left To Chance JH WCX (Cash)
Manitou June Dixie Bell WC (Dixie)
AKC CH Gulfbreeze Here Kitty at Geronimo WC (Kitty)
Gold Star Duck Dogs info
Gulf Breeze Retrievers info
CH KD's Hot, Hot, Hot CD (Sparky)
CH KD's Tends to Flirt (Pete)
CH Sagewood's Phun Machine (Pickles)
CH Gulf Breeze's Summer Fun (Splash)
KD's Pretens to Flirt (Prissy)
Hawks Nest Kennels info
AKC GCH NSDRTC/UKC/AKC CH Cedar Fog's Red Tornado RA JH VC can WC (Daphne)
Hawks Nest Dixie Alley (Allie)
Hawks Nest Tollin' With a Twist (Pinky)
We are home to versitile Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, who are easy to live with and get along great with other dogs. Our dogs have many big accomplishments under their belts, including Westminster 2009 Best of Opposite and NSDTRC(USA) National Specialty Select Bitch. In addition to AKC and UKC conformation, we train and compete in AKC, UKC, and NSDTRC hunt tests, AKC Agility, AKC and UKC Rally, and AKC and UKC Obedience.
HoneyRun info
Littleriver's Really Belle (Belle)
Multi BIS Ch Littleriver's Decoy Dancer CD (Decoy)
Littleriver's Mama's In The Red (Debit)
Littleriver's Playing Fast and Loose (Easy)
Hunts Point info
SHR CAN CH US/CAN WC CD Skylark Hunts Point's Mindy (Mindy)
AKC/NSDTRC/CAN CHWC US/AKC/CAN CD CGC Decoymans Hunts Point Abby (Abby)
SHR WC CD Sir Duncan of Hunts Point (Duncan)
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH WC Rips Roarin At Hunts Point (Rip)
Huntsman Tollers info
SHR Vermilion's Let It Ride Rigby (Rigby)
Javahill-Huntsman's Raiden JH WCX (Raiden)
Keepsake's Brave Trip (Ali)
Indy Tollers info
JavaHill Tollers info
AKC BIS, Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar JavaHill TopGun, Am/Can CD, Am/Can WC,VD, AM, Can ROM (MAVERICK)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion Joy4 JavaHill, Am/Can SH, Am/Can WCX, RN, CanCD, VC (WINNIE)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar Sea Fury at JavaHill, Can JH, WCI, Am WC (FURY)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester Top'O JavaHill, Am/Can WC (DYNA)
Am CH, Group Placing JavaHill's Backwoods Boy (RANGER)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine The Light (RAY)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine4 Me (AURA)
BPISS, Am CH Tollwest JavaHill Fly Higher (COOPER)
Am CH Tollwest JavaHill I Can Fly (MACY)
Am, NSDTRC-US CH JavaHill's Ain't MsB'havin, CD, RN, WCI, Can WC, VC (SASSY)
JavaHill is located in Northern California and has imported a number of outstanding dogs from several countries. We breed for health, beauty, brains and working ability, for people who want to achieve the highest levels in dog sports.
Jetstream Toller's info
KD's Kennels info
GCH CD KD's Tens Are Wild (McGhee)
CH CD TDI KD's Scarlet Starlet (Scarlet)
SHR CH CDX WC TT TDI Landew KD's Price of Tides (Breaker)
CH WC Cinnstar KD's Red Tornado (Stormy)
MAJOR POINTED KD's Alabama Slammer (Slammer)
major pointed Keepsake KD's Game For Anything (Taboo)
RN Red Fairy Tales Cheerful Temper (Joy)
CH KD's Last Splash (Ripple)
service dog Edlyn's Ride The Tides To KD's (Neptune)
major pointed Tollchester KD's Red Rover (Red)
major pointed Gulf Breeze's Have Blown To KD's (Breezy)
major pointed KD's Cheyenne Autumn (Annie)
major pointed KD's Tropical Cooler (Spritzer)
GAD's Hidden Treasure At KD's (Rusty)
GAD's Special Treasure At KD's (Ghita)
JH KD's Diamond in the Ruff (Mondy)
Home of the Southern Toller Gang in Grady, AL.  Please feel free to visit any time.
Keeper, Libby, Sofie, Rocky and Ginger http:// info
RN, CGC, TDI A/C CH Starway Copbon Gatekeeper (Keeper)
GCH Starway Fyreti Legend Keeper (Libby)
Skylark Tsillan Peace Keeper (Sofie)
CH Starway Keeper of the Stars (Rocky)
Tsillan's Keep'er Happy (Ginger)
Small hobby kennel, conformation, obed., rally
Keepsake Tollers info
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH Kare's Keepsake Fortune Hunter RN JH WC VC (Rogue)
Keepsakes Brave Colors (Sable)
AKC CH Honeyrun's High Noon at Keepsake (Cooper)
AKC CH Rigg's Boston Sea Party (Julie)
AkC CH Honeyrun Absolutely A Keepsake (Abby)
AKC CH Honeyrun's Last Crusade RN (Indy)
Keepsake is located in Grady, AL.  We compete in conformation, hunt tests, obedience and rally.  Puppies available the fall of 2012.  Please stop by for a visit!
Lakota Retrievers info
Lennoxlove info
AmCan Ch, SR, AmCan CD, WCI, Can WC Colony's Lennoxlove Victoria (Vicki)
Can SH, AKC CD, AmCan Ch, WR, Can Otch, UD, AmCan WCX Lennoxlove's Jasper Jones, Esq. (Jasper)
BISS, Ch, AmCan CD, WC Lennoxlove's Bronze Tinket (Trinket)
BISS, AmCan Ch, WC, CD Foxvale Aurora at Lennoxlove (Aurie)
WC Lennoxlove's Autumn Painter (Painter)
SR, WCX Lennoxlove's Foxgrove Redtail (Hawk)
Lennoxlove's Bold Jones Boy (JB)
Lennoxlove's Henna Tresses (Henna)
We have owned Tollers since 1983, and are founders of the US Toller Club.  We are active in field tests, obedience, conformation, breeding, hunting, and even have tried some agility. Our aim is to breed multi-talented Tollers of correct temperament and type.
LoneTree / Urania Kennel info
Macfield Kennel info
AKC/UKC CH CD AX OAJ U-AGII NGC OJC OAC CGC VC Lonetree Journeyman Luthier (Dobro)
UKC/NSDTRC CH Zephyr's Macfield Covergirl (Ghillie)
Drfitwood's Beeline to Macfield (Beezie)
Located near the Twin Cities, MN, we are a small hobby kennel breeding occasional litters to contribute to the vitality and improvement of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
MadTown Tollers info
Yara Snow of Quarry Cross (Yara)
Maetoll Retrievers info
CD OA OAJ RA JH WC CGC SHR NSDTRC/AKC Ch Firebrick's Anchors Away (Annie)
SH WCX HR NSDTRC/UKC/AKC Ch Maetoll's Reflection of Foxvale (Jonas)
WC CGC SHR NSDTRC/AKC Ch Maetoll's Million Dollar Man (Thurston)
WC CGC SHR NSDTRC/AKC Ch Maetoll's Flyin High (Ginger)
Foxvale's Absolut Rockstar (Roxy)
Ch Maetoll's Code to Foxbrooke (Cody)
Maetoll Retrievers strives for the versatile Toller with excellent type, temperament and trainability.
Manitou Tollers info
AKC/NSDRTC CH KD’s Vermilion Scarlet Kat CD CGC Can/US WC ROM (Kat)
Our Tollers will only be used for breeding if proven to have sound temperament, structure and meet the breed standard for NSDTRC USA.  We believe in titling our dogs as proof of their ability to work and meet the breed standard.
Neverland Tollers info
Offshore Duck Dogs info
Am/Can CH Katyra's Low Key Affair (Marco)
CH Wait Til Next Year Beekauz CGC (Hope)
Tribeca Cyon's One Bad Apple (Freyja)
Keepsake's Cue the High Note (Cue)
PineHill Tollers info
Am/Can/UKC CH Zephyr's Cee Me Shine CD RE NA NAJ VC (Hero)
Am/NSDTR CH SHR Rainkist Above and Beyond CD RE NA NAJ (Valor)
Located in Minnesota. We will be striving to breed for great temperament and proper structure for the all-around dog. We compete in conformation, obedience, hunt tests, rally, and agility. The dogs are exclusively owner trained and handled in ALL performance events and nearly all conformation shows.

Valor's 2008 puppies are all in their new homes. 4 went to Canada (2 boys 2 girls) and 4 stayed in the US (2 boys 2 girls)

Valor has been bred to AKC/NSDTR CH Manitou's Catch a Maserati JH WC Puppies due the first week in August.
Prairiedock info
Pride Kennels info
CH Vermilion's Heart N' Soul V Pride (Cherry)
Pride's Magic Potion (Piper)
Quarry Cross Tollers info
ARBA/UGRCH UCD UAGII Chesagrove's Cedar MacIntosh NA NAJ (Mac)
ARBA/UCH/AKC Ch Chesagrove's Scotch Brigid RN (Rennie)
Kerry Pippin of Quarry Cross WC (Pippin)
UCH Springvale's A Ton of Fun Can WCI, US WCX, JH (Kilo)
Irish Peach of Quarry Cross (Quinn)
The Quarry Cross tollers reside in the suburbs of Chicago where they regularly participate in conformation and performance events.
Quill NSDT Retrievers info
SHR Aqueus Rive Tranquill JH RN WCI (Brook)
Quill’s Bridger Bivisible JH WCI (Bridger)
U-CD HR Foxgrove’s Quill Au Sable CD JH RE WCI (Sable)
U-CD HR NSDTRC(USA) Ch. Lonetree's C Quill Gordon CD WCX (Gordy (†))
QuinnCreek Tollers info
CH Hunts Point A Touch of Sass RN (Sassie)
GCH Littleriver's Montana Cowboy (Cody)
GCH QuinnCreek's Montana Premier CD RN VC (Baxter)
GCH QuinnCreek's Designer D'Tail'D (Shelby)
CH QuinnCreek's H'llRais'N Cowgirl (Sugar)
CH Brynwood's Sweet ChildOMine 4 QuinnCreek (Honey)
QuinnCreek's Buck'N Awesome (Skeeter)
Ravenswood info
Ch. Shamrock's Ruddy Duck AKC/CAN CD. CGC (Rudy)
Ch. Honeyrun's Lord of the Dance (Solo)
Ch. Honeyrun's Amber Waves (Maizie)
Redalert Tollers info
We are located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our website is centered around our young daughter and her best friend, Tia, her Toller. Our daughter has trained and handled Tia to all her titles including her AKC Championship. Take a peak at our site I am sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and stop again soon.
Redbrook Tollers info
Trout (Trout)
Kare's Rainbow Trout (Raine)
Ch. Kare's Reved and Ready (Rev)
Redbrook's Cathch of the Day (Brooke)
Reddog Kennel info
Ch. Reddog's Peerless Parker CD WC JH TDI (Parker)
SHR Skylark's Ribbons for Reddog Can/AKC JH WC US WCI TDI (Ribbon)
Redfeather Tollers info
CH KD's Ante Up (Tally)
CH Redfeather's-KD's Whiskey Girl (Whisky)
CH KD's Duck-N-Cover (Topper)
KD's Kiwi Kid (Bubba)
RedMoon Tollers info
GCH Javahill It's Show Time! (Carson)
Am/Can GCH MNBISS MBIS Javahill Surf2 An 8 Second Ride BN Can/AM RN Can WC (Wrangler)
CH. RedMoon's What The Duck? WC Can WCI (Ducker)
CH. Javahill My Red Dream Come True BN RN CGC (Bailey)
CH RedMoon Javahill Wilder Than Any 8 Second Ride BN RN CGC (Paisley)
RedMoon Javahill Someone's Heartbreak (Dolly)
CH RedMoon's Oh Duck! (Mallie)
RedStarr Tollers info
Riverchase info
Sagewood info
Danish/Canadian CH, JH Kymin Lumber Jack (Forest †)
AKC CH, CD, WC Sagewood's Kejimkujik Mist (Misty)
AKC CH, CD Sagewood's Jinger Snap (Jinger)
Saranac Tollers info
Am/Can WC BN RE CD VCX CGC AKC BPISS HIT UKC CH RBIS Hawks Nest Saranac Roll of the Dice (Vegas)
CGC BRT UKC CH Saranac's Spirit of Summer (Spirit)
Saranac Tollers is located in South Florida and Upstate New York. We strive for sound temperment, health, structure and versatility. Our dogs are owner trained and handled in all venues of performance and confirmation. Breeding winter/spring 2013 Stop by and visit us at
Seastar Blog info
Seastar Kennel info
BPISS AM CAN NSDTR ARBA CH JH WCX Can WCI VC CDG Seastar's Sadie Hawkins (Sadie)
WC Seastar's Princess Lola (Lola)
AM CH WC CAN WC The Royal Grace of Seastar (Gracie)
AM CH Seastar's Sir Winston (Winston)
AM CH WCI JH Seastar's Magic Moment (Magic)
Seastar Kennel strives to be the "Home of Award Winning Tollers". This means that a loving family environment is key to our program, as well as developing each Toller to their highest potential. That could mean the best family pet or the 1st Westminster BOS winner. Seastar's goal is to breed selectively to produce beautiful Tollers (structure & personality) with solid retrieving ability.
Shamrock Kennels info
ARBA States CRS Can CH NSDTR Ch Cayuga's Hanford Way WC ROM (Dewey †)
NSDTR CH Cayuga's Sugar Magnolia CD RA WC ROM (Maggie)
Shamrock's Crimson & Clover CD RN (Chloe)
AKC Ch NSDTR Ch Shamrock's Limerick CD RA WC (Tess)
Ch Shamrock's Kiss the Blarney RN CGC (Sophie)
AKC/NSDTRC CH Shamrock's Sweet Caroline CD RN WC CGC (Cassie)
Skylark info
Can CH Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC ROM (foundation, deceased) (Cricket)
Can/Int'l CH Skylark's Pistol Pete AKC/CKC CD OA NAJ WC VC CGC ROM (deceased) (Pete)
Can CH Lennoxlove Encore at Skylark (deceased) (Corrie)
AKC/Can CH Skylark Chasing Rainbows (Ivy)
NSDTRC/AKC/Can CH Sienna-Red Navigator NA WC VC CGC (Aker)
Vermilion Skylark Quiet Riot (BRT) (Riot)
NSDTRC/AKC CH Vildandens Radon af Nischi WC (Ray)
NSDTRC/AKC CH Skylark's Winning Colors WC (Samantha)
CH Skylark's Trick Or Treat (Trick)
NSDTRC/AKC CH Water's Edge Skylark Frozen Assets WC (Kicks)
CH Skylark's First Fox (Zorro)
CH Water's Edge Heartsong At Skylark (Song)
Skylark Tollers is located in North Dakota, and we use our dogs to hunt upland game.  I also show the dogs in conformation, agility and obedience.  Visit our website to meet our dogs, and learn more about Tollers.
Southpaw Kennels info
CGC Broadway's A Penny from Heaven (Penny)
Springvale info
Star Crowned info
Am CH, U-CH. Javahill Faith Of The Heart (Faith)
Struan Tollers info
Sundance Tollers info
UKC CH SHR Water's Edge Won-eyed Jack WC, FM (Jack)
Jack is first and foremost a beloved member of the family. Jack's best loved activity is to fetch tennis balls, pheasants and ducks,frisbees, and just about anything you ask for and some things you don't!  He loves kids, old folks, anything edible, a good long walk a couple of times a day, and a warm human to cuddle up with at night. Jack is a recently certified Therapy Dog, and also enjoys working in obedience and agility.  We are looking forward to spring training and working on finishing an AKC CH in the meantime, having completed both majors.
Susqudilla Kennels info
Tamarac Tollers info
Cinnstars Windy Tamarac CDX, RA, MX, MXJ, JH, WC, CGC (Windy)
Cinnstars Tamarac Breeze CDX, AX, AXJ, JH, RN, WC (Breeze)
CH Marchlands Jingle for Foxgrove CD, RN, NAP, NJP, WC (Jingle)
Rescue of Tamarac Acres (Rescue)
Tamarac Tollers is located outside Troy NY. We are active in many venues: Hunt Tests, Conformation, Agility, Obedience, and Dock Diving. We breed only on occasion.
Tartan Tollers info
CH Chesagrove's One Red Cent (Penny)
CH Chesagrove's Sand Dollar (Dolly)
Tartan's Bet Your Bottom Dollar (Annie)
Tartan's Celtic Colours (Sydney)
Tealaska info
Tinamou Tollers info
Foxgrove’s Crazy Redhead CD WCI SH (Lucy)
Tinamou’s Home Brew (Henry)
Tinamou's Brewing up Trouble (Strega)
AKC/NSDTRC CH Foxfire’s Salsa Caliente WCI JH (Callie)
AKC/NSDTRC CH Foxgrove’s Bouncing Tigger AKC/US CD WCX SH Can WCI (Tigger †)
Foxgrove’s Wave Chaser US CD US/Can WCX (Splash †)
Tip Tail Tollers info
Tartan's First Delaware Gem
Tollhaus Kennels info
CH Kd's Stealing Second RN CGC TDI (Addison)
Located in Chicago, IL and home to Ch KD's Stealing Second RN.  We compete in conformation, obedience, rally, agility and now tracking.
Breeding for wonderful type and temperment.
TR's Tollers info
AKC GCH CH KD's n TR's My Summer Girl OA OAJ (Mollie Mae)
AKC CH Jalapa's -N- TR's Dare Devil (Dante)
TR's Mollie's Tommy Cooper CGC (Cooper)
Tradewind Tollers info
CH Westerlea Coast'l Tradewinds (Cedar)
CH Tradewind's Rebel Gal of KD's (Dixie)
KD's Stormy Tradewinds (Tucker)
Keepsake's River of Tradewinds (River)
Turkey Ridge Tollers info
Vermilion info
US/Can CH Cobscook's Vermilion Wager U-CD Can CD US CDX US/Can W (Wager)
US/Can/Intern't CH Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride AKC/US/Can CD US WC TDI (Bet)
SHR Vildandens Neon af Nischi WCX Can WCI US/Can JH RN CD TDI (Vad)
Wager, Bet and Vad are active hunting dogs who live in Northern Minnesota.
Wassookeag Retrievers info
BISS NSDTRC/Can CH, JH, NSDTRC/Can WC, NSDTRC, Can CD, CGC Wasterlea's Wassookeag Bachi (Bachi )
Can CH, WC, CGC Kare's Wassookeag Siren (Siren)
CGC Wassookeag's Nor'easter (Nora)
Can CH, CGC Wassookeag's Carpathia (Thea)
BIS Can CH Beinnbreagh's Aces Are Better (Ace)
Wassookeag's Roll The Dice (Darby)
Wassookeag's Driftin' North (Nina)
Wassookeag Retrievers is active and successful in conformation, hunt tests and obedience with our Tollers and Labradors. We have a busy year-round training facility in central Maine. Visit our website to see some of our dogs in action!
Water's Edge Retrievers info
IntCH SHR Skylarks Mercury Rising CKC/AKC CDX JH FMX WC VC CGC (Curry)
CH Skylark Chive at Water's Edge WC FM (Chive)
CH Water's Edge Stings Like a Bee CD WC (Sting)
Water's Edge Snap To It (Snap)
Water's Edge Retrievers is located just west of Minneapolis Minnesota in the town of Buffalo. We have tollers and labradors and are active in flyball, obedience,conformation, hunt tests and agility.
Whalom Kennel info
NSDTRC Ch, AKC CH, HR Edlyn Seastar Turn of Events, CGC, WCX, CDX, SH, VC (Turner)
Zephyr Kennel info
UACH UCD SHR RN WC Lonetree's Just My Style (Rosie)
June WC RE NAJ Zephyr's Day in June (June)
Home site of Zephyr Kennel
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USA USA / Organizations
(3) AKC info
American Kennel Club - about NSDTR
NSDTR Club of USA info
Rescue Me! NSDT Rescue info
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USA USA / Webshots
(53) Aqueus Tollers info
AM/NSDTRC CH WCX AX AXJ MH VC Manitou Aqueus All Spruced Up (Taiga)
AM/NSDTRC CH CD JH WCI MX MXJ VCX ROM Quill's Kit and Caboodle (Kefi)
CH WC Keepsake's game On at Aqueus (Karat)
AM/NSDTRC CH SH WCX Aqueus Flying Dutchman (Gusto)
Aqueus Hop To It (Pint)
Pictures of our dogs and litters of puppies
Argo & Finn info
Driftwood's Ursa Minor (Argo)
Westerlea's Call Lightning (Finney)
Baggins & Sadie info
Can Ch Kylador's Gandolph For Baggins (Baggins)
Skylark's Funny Girl WCX JH (Sadie)
BalsamPath info
NSDTRC CH Skylark's Vermilion Rosea JH WC (Rosie)
UKC/Int'l CH Vermilion's BP Gabriel's Fire RN (Gabriel)
BeeKauz Kennels info
Blip info
Foxgrove's Did U C That? (BLIP)
Blip joined my family of two other Agility dogs
(Corgi Piper and Aussie GG ) and of course my husband Jerry.  We live in Morristown NJ and plan on competing in Agility, Obed, Field and Breed if we find the time!!!
Ceilidh, Sue & Ranger info
CH Rideau's Copper Ceilidh, CD RN NA NAJ (Ceilidh)
CH Philmac's Bronco Sue RN WC (Sue)
Javahill's Backwoods Boy RN (Ranger)
This link is no longer active
Chance info
CGC Berdia's Chance of Iowa (Chance)
cherieball info
Digby & Pointer info
Hunts Point Mindy's Digby (Digby)
Hunts Point Abby's Piper (Piper)
Doc info
DoChara Tollers - FB info
Struan's Midnight Rendezvous (Trysta)
Tealaska Xcape To DoChara (Bandit)
RN Holidaze Rocket's Red Glare (Rocket)
Kansas show home, where we also enjoy Rally and Agility
Eddie info
Westerlea's Sir Edmund (Eddie)
edlynretrievers info
Forest Cove Tollers info
AKC/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Copper Cadence RN Can. WC JH (Tempo)
ACK CH Kylador's Quaintly Pippin CA CGC RN (Pippin)
AKC CH Trilliumview's Au Naturel (Wendy)
Frog Hollow Farms info
ARBA/WWKC CH,UAG2,UCDX,UD,WCI,FDCh,TDI,BH Frog Hollows Hot tradewinds (Red)
CD,WCI,FD,AG1,NA Ch Lonetree's Deputy Frog Hollow (Puds)
CKC Ch CGC WC Frog Hollows Break'n Rules (Trouble)
UCh,UAG!,CD,WC,NA,NJW,FD,TDI Cayuga's Diamond Chablis (Blondie)
CKC Ch CGC,WC Landew's PDQ @ Frog Hollow (Queenie)
CD,WC,FDX Sylvans Brandi Sniffer (Brandie)
Frog Hollow dogs are very versitile..We participate in Agility, Flyball,Field,Obedience and conformation.  Our priorities at Frog Hollow are to produce gentle dogs sweet in nature with all that wonderful Toller drive and enthusiasm for life.
Greta info
Wassookeag's Greta (Greta)
Hawks Nest Kennel's Photos info
AKC/UKC CH Cedar Fog's Red Tornado RA CGC (Daphne)
Obedience, Working, and Conformation Toller. Now AKC Pointed. Puppies a good possiblility for the furture. Email for more information about them.
HoneyRun FB Site info
Huntsman Tollers info
Skyway's Magical Siren (Maggie)
Vermilion Let It Ride (Rigby)
Fionavar Fly By (Rio)
Huntspoint info
Can Ch; US/Can WC; CD Skylark Hunts Point's Mindy (Mindy)
Can Ch; WC; US/AKC/Can CD Decoymans Hunts Point Abby (Abby)
Sir Duncan Of Hunts Point (Duncan)
Huntspointtollers info
JavaHill Bucket info
AKC BIS, Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar JavaHill TopGun, Am/Can CD, Am/Can WC, VC, Am/Can ROM! (Maverick)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion Joy4 JavaHill, Am/Can SH, Am/Can WCX,Can CD,Am RN,VC (Winnie)
Am, Can WC Am, Can, NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester Top'O JavaHill (Dyna)
Am, Can, NSDTRC-US Fionavar Sea Fury at JavaHill, Can JH, Am/Can WC (Fury)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine The Light (Ray)
Am CH JavaHill's Shine4 Me (Aura)
BPISS, Am CH Tollwest JavaHill Fly Higher (Cooper)
Am CH Tollwest JavaHill I Can Fly (Macy)
Thousands of pictures of our Tollers doing everything from conformation to field, puppy pics from newborns to eight-week evaluations.
kdstollers info
Keepsake Tollers info
Kare's Wild Thing CD, RN CGC (Crash)
CH KD's Gulf Sunshine CD, RN CGC (Sunni)
CH Keepsake's Take em by Storm WC RN VC (Skiff)
CH Keepsake's Code Breaker RN CD CGC TDI (Billie)
CH Sagewood Plainsmen Keepsake (Tiger)
CH KD Keepsake Charmed N Dangerous (Bonnie)
Tradewind's Long Trip WC (Trip)
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH Kare's Keepsake Fortune Hunter JH WC (Rogue)
HR AKC/NSDTRC CH KD's Cedar Keepsake JH WCI (Dylan)
Keepsake's Dreaming in Color (Frankie)
Koa info
Cinnstar's Kaloa Koa (Koa)
Manitou Tollers info
SHR AKC/NSDTRC CH AKC/CKC CD US/CKC WC NSDTRC VC Vermilions' Elegant Manitou (Ella)
SHR CKC WC Rideau's Rush'n Roulette (Rush)
Our dogs and puppies
Max - Photobucket info
Vermilion's Maximum Overdrive (Max)
Parker, Maggie and Ribbon info
BIS ARBA, Can, US Chamption/ WC, JH, TDI Ch Reddog's Peerless Parker CD JH (Parker)
WC, TDIAOV Beacon Hill Lennoxlove M'ggie CD (Maggie)
Skylark's Ribbons for Reddog (Ribbon)
Reddog Kennel began in 1983 with the arrival of Duke, our foundation dog and a son of the famous Rusty Jones.  We our proud of the temperaments of our fine hunting dogs who are popular therapy dogs at the local elementary school.  They are happy in the obedience and performance rings but are ecstatic in the field.  These joyous red dogs love long walks at the beach and sprawling naps in front of a fire.  The UPS guys stop and throw sticks for these red heads, even when they don't have deliveries for us!
Peggy info
UKC CH Skylarks Vermilion Pegasus (Peggy)
Skylarks Vermilion Pegasus is home in wisconsin. Parents are: Skylarks Cricket and Berdias Shylo-so-High. We are active in UKC & AKC. We also do pet therapy and this is also home to Star a spaniel mix "Toller-want-to-be "; a rescue from MN .
Piper & Cailin info
Landew's Piper MacNeill (Piper)
Lennoxlove's Hylander Cailin (Cailin)
Pkartes info
Quill info
QuinnCreek Tollers info
Reddog Kennel info
CD WC JH TDI ARBA BIS Ch Reddog's Peerless Parker (Parker)
Skylark's Ribbons For Reddog (Ribbon)
Redrocktollers info
Whelping box, puppy setup
Ruby, Lincoln & Magnus info
Can CH Cinnstar Ravenwood Cu Ruadh (Ruby)
Cinnstars Link To Ravenwood CD CGC WC (Lincoln)
Ravenwoods I'm In Charge (Magnus)
Rush info
Rideau's Rush'n Roulette (Rush)
Sam & Mikka info
Sierraduckdogs info
Skylarktollers info
Lots of photos of our Tollers, plus other albums of family and other pets.  Enjoy!
Stryder info
Littleriver's Sea Coast Stryder (Stryder)
TollCrest info
BIS ARBA/CKC/UKC CH Frog Hollow's Garnet'n'Gold RN FD CGC (Pandi)
TollCrest's Prima Natalia (Phoebe)
Photos highlighting the many adventures of the 4 Ps: Pekoe, Pandi, Prima & Phoebe, along with other family and friends.
Tollerwood's info
MHR WestHarbour's Admiral Halsey CKC MH, WCI, CDX (Halsey)
Am/NSDTRC CH Redrock's Straight Shooter WC (Shooter)
Tradewind's info
Ch Westerlea Coast'l Tradewinds CD WCI (Cedar)
Ch Kd's Cedar Shavings (Rascal)
Lots of toller pics, also pics of early tollers and tollers in the 1980s.
tzulady info
Urania Kennel - flickr info
Vermilion Tollers info
US/Can CH U-CD Can CD US CDX US/Can WCX JH TDI Cobscook's Vermilion Wager (Wager †)
US/Can/Intern'l CH AKC/US/Can CD US WC TDI Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride (Bet)
Puppy pics!
Water's Edge Retrievers info
Pictures of my Tollers and Chocolate labs.
WhiteCross Kennels info
Widget info
Chesagrove's Wood Widget (Widget)
Wiley & Scotch info
Includes also pictures of the Toller afghan!
Willow info
Zephyr's Cast A Spell (Willow)
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USA USA / Others
(6) CedarFog Blog info
Jetstream Tollers Blog! info
Puddle Jumper "PJ" info
CD RX Aqueus PJ Floats My Boat (PJ)
Happy hunting Toller who loves to swim, do Agility, retrieve Ducks and Pheasants, and oblige Mom with a little doggy dancing, "freestyle,"on occasion.
Toll'NTrain Discussion Forum info
Toller Connection info
TollerStuds info
This site is here to help you with your search for a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever stud dog!
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