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Norway Norway / Kennels
(40) Adorea info
Adoreas Red Azanto (Azanto)
NUCH Adoreas Red Bel Canto (Bel Canto)
NUCH SEU(U)CH Adoreas Red Caprice (Caprice)
Adoreas Red Dancing Dior (Dior)
Adoreas Red Duke Dexter (Dexter)
Adoreas Red Embla (Embla)
Adoreas Red Fendi (Fendi)
Adoreas Red Fenris (Fenris)
Adoreas Red Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl)
Welcome to Kennel Adorea! A small kennel situated at the south coast of Norway.
Be Bright info
Highland Fling av Heliomar (Decoy)
Blazing Sun Be Bright And Breezy (Bris)
Blazing Sun info
River Nova Beware of Blazing Taika (Tekla)
Rådeskogen's First Temptation (Tia)
Blazing Sun Ain't No Challenge (Vila)
Now also with English pages.
Carve Canem info
Aimee TuPops Lucky Girl (Aimee)
Carve Canem Chanel (Chanel)
Chrilika info
N uch S (u) uch VWW-11 NV-11 NVV-11-12 N RL Ch Tollergrendas Eventyr Vilja (Vilja)
Chrilikas D'Halloween Scare Crow (Kråka)
Nord Uch (Nuch S(u)uch DK uch) NORDV-10 NORDJV-10 Chrilikas Casablanca WildB. Nila (Nila)
Chrilikas D'Halloween Funilas Cozy (Cozy)
Chrilikas D'Halloween Apple Bobing (Zoey)
Welcome to have a look at our site :o)
Copperdream info
NUCH SU(U)CH Sunlit Patrick Put on Peanuts (Patrick)
NUCH NACH BH Sunlit Xtra Peanut for Copperdream (Tira)
JWW-08 Lauvstuas Bella Vie Copper Countess (Tess)
A page for my kennel with detailed information about tollers in general and my own tollers, Patrick, Tira and Tess, three active and versatile tollers. You will also find lots of pictures, results and news from the toller world, and the page is frequently updated. Welcome! :o)
DuckCharmers info
NVCH Quickstep Foxy Nova vom Lech-Toller Nest (Foxy)
Arbetsviljans Gneis (Charlie)
DuckCharmers Adorable Golden Foxy Kylie (Kylie)
Welcome to DuckCharmers, a small kennel in the south of Norway. Our goal is to breed healthy Tollers with a sound temperament and  with a  strong will to please and trainability. Tollers that are according to breed standard.
Fagerkollen Kennel info
NVCH Disco Dancing Queen (Disco)
NVCH Lauvstua's Money Disella (Money)
Foxy Tollers info
Lill'charm-Tollers Bella Chester (Bella)
Shaggy Toller's Lonely Miss Chanel (Daisy)
Heliomar info
Just Persefone av Heliomar (Mi)
N UCH White Castello av Heliomar (Castello)
Fanello Sparkling av Heliomar (Penta)
Oppdrett av Nova Scotia duck tolling Retriever i Midt-Norge.
Inlicio info
NORD VCH NORD UCH NMB-19 Redadict Racing Rascal (Jing)
NORD VCH N UCH SE UCH N CH Inlicios 7th Heaven (Virpi)
Inlicios Rimfrost (Aron)
N VCH SE VCH Inlicios Near and Far (Fabel)
Inlicios Hat Full Of Sky (Fräsi)
Inlicios Wee Free Man (Åtto)
Limited breeding in mid-Norway focusing on good health, good mentality and strong work drive. Here you will find information about us, our dogs, our thoughts on breeding as well as previous and upcoming litters.

Updated 2020.03.29
Jenwill's Kennel info
Jeppetolleren Kennel info
Tollerlabben's Jippi Josephine (Sara)
Jeppetollern's Aller Første (Nova)
Jeppetollern's Cæcar Juni (Juni)
Kennel Givunja info
Kimcis info
NUCH Lauvstuas Miss Ki-Mi (Ki-Mi)
Shaggy Toller's Dancing O'Connor (Mister)
Lauvstua info
NORD UCH N SVCH SV-08 WW-08 Lauvstuas Zamantha Fox (Zamantha)
NORD UCH SV-05 NORDV-08 Lauvstuas Mascot Keehnu (Mascot †)
NORD UCH FIN UCH C.I.B. Lauvstuas Bluestar Shanty (Shanty †)
Foxy Pollyanna Ayr (Polly)
Lauvstuas Pelé Taikapoika (Albert †)
Take A Chance On Combi (Chance)
NUCH SU(U)CH Shaggy Toller's Dancing O'Connor (Mister)
JWW-08 EUJW-08 SU(U)CH Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox (Star)
SVCH SU(U)CH NUCH Lauvstuas Snowwhite Zarina (Zarina)
Blueberry Sweet Zorika (Zorika)
Alcara Taika Pippi (Pippi)
NVCH Disco Dancing Queen (Disco)
Sunlit Negil Debsemil (Nea)
Lauvstuas Zeeme Stardust (Zeeme)
Lillehuset info
N UCH Lauvstuas Indian Pride (Pri)
Logrekroken info
Jenwill's Nadia Divisi (Nadia †)
Sunlit Kiwi Debsivan (Kiwi)
Missippistollers-Kennel info
Multestua Kennel info
NORD UCH N SE VCH NV-12 Shaggy Toller's Keehnu Dancing Zeta (Kaisa)
N VCH Multestua Dansende Asaja Pirat (Asaja)
N VCH SE U(U)CH Lill'charm-Toller's Chanel Quara (Chanel)
Multestua Mattykaisas Bheste (Bhest)
Multestua Mattykaisas Bembla (Embla)
Multestua Dans Med Chiquita (Arya)
Happy Retrievers! We train and compete with our dogs in hunttests, workin tests, tracking, utility, obedience, rally-o and shows.
RedRivals Kennel info
NORD VCH Arbetsviljans Björklöv (Lynx)
Tori av Kvernenget (Tori)
Take a dive in Emil and Lynx`s life! Two eager and lively tollers with a paw within every dogsport.

Our Norwegian Elkhound, Tori, will be looking forward to a life of hunting.
Rockferry Kennel info
NUCH NVCH Tollergrenda's Mic-Mack Enya (Enya)
Catch First Hetti Garonera (Hetti)
Spirit of Tomrefjorden info
Mountain Toller's Amba (Amba)
Star Phoenix Tollers info
Woodcreek's Star Phoenix (Phoenix)
Strandtollerne info
Sunlit info
Synnfjell info
Lill'charm-Toller's Mira Seafoam (mira)
Lill'charm-Toller's Luna Torbrook (luna)
har også ei labradortispe ved navn Black Beauty
Thicha info
Lauvstuas Snowflake Zuper Nova (Nova)
Tigerstaden Kennel info
Jenwill's Noble Mandy (Mandy)
N UCH Tigerstadens No Country for Old Men (Kanutten)
Tolleråsen info
Tolleråsens Amira (Amira)
Tolleråsens Athene (Athene)
Tollergrenda's Kennel info
NUCH,Polsk W.2013 Tollergrenda's Knightlike Frøya (Frøya)
NUCH/ SU(U)CH Tollergrenda's Hei Hildrande Du (Sara)
NUCH Tollergrenda's Knightlike Tinka (Tinka)
N/SUCH,NV.06, NV.07, Nord.Vinner 2010 Shaggy Toller's Canadian Casper (Casper)
SV.Jr.2013 Lill,charms Toller's Obelix Juniper (Obelix)
CERT,Polsk JR.W,DKK.JR.W,NV.JR.2013 Lill'charm-Toller's Tjorven Iona (Tjorven)
.Seawild's best Bet I Win (Klara)
Seawild's Bird In Hand (Nala)
Tollergrenda's Saga Valborg (Valborg)
NUCH Ratschasi's Marthe Siri (Marthe)
Welcome to Tollergrenda's Kennel.A small scale breeding. Not so faraway frome the capital City Oslo.Breeding Toller and Boston Terrier
Tollerparken info
NV-08 NUCH SU(U)CH Thicha's Beautiful Niko "Mikkel" (Mikkel)
Lauvstua Salsa Surprise (Salsa)
Chrilikas Con Tollerparken Ninni (Ninni)
Tollerricc info
NUCH SE U (U) CH Nina Ricci av Heliomar (Ricci)
Tollerriccs Dancing Moonshine (Zenta)
Tollerricc. info
NUCH Se U (u) CH Nina Ricci av Heliomar (Ricci)
Tollerricc Dancing moonshine (Zenta)
Tollertunet info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Sunlit Kiwi Debsivan (Kiwi)
Tollertunet's Amanda Kitender (Amanda)
Tollertunet's Atlas Kitender (Atlas)
Jenwill's Danielle Tania (Tania)
Tollertunet's Bethoven Am'bee River (Bidos)
Red Hot Chilli's Hit The North (Flax)
Turbofox info
BH NUCH SEU (U)CH Red-Toller's Vesle Nadia (Frida)
Lauvstuas Castella Discollin (Stella)
Tussatolleren info
Logrekroken's Bonnie Bee
Vakre Meløy info
Amaretto De Saronne Av Heliomar (Lotta)
Vancouver Princess Fra Vakre Meløy (Camilla)
Harley Girl BaLotti Fra Vakre Meløy (Nikki)
Lite oppdrett på Ørnes i Meløy kommune. Har et lite hjemmeoppdrett med Tollerne Lotta, Camilla og Nikki
Vardegjengen info
NUCH Lauvstuas Blueduck Oda Faya (Faya)
Veagaardens info
Veagaardens Toller Wilma av Yacla (Wilma)
Veagaardens Toller Mia av Berma (Mia)
NORDJV Red-Toller's Fashion Madikken (Madikken)
Firestone Under the Red Sky (Konrad)
Veagaardens Toller Kojac av Shama (Kojac)
Veagaardens Toller Ronja av Shama (Ronja)
En kennel med oppdrett på hjemmebasis .
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