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Great Britain Great Britain / Homepages
(6) Deltaandamba Duck Tollers info
Redaurora Comet's Christmas of Deltaandamba (Amba)
Dinaskarrek's Rudy info
Fallowfen Foxy cub at Dinaskarrek (Rudy)
Rudy is available for Stud to Optigen A females
Hips 3/4 Optigen PRA B - CEA clear
Flynn info
Danehaven Cornwallis (Flynn)
Helen's Dogs info
Kimi info
Decoymans Peace River (Kimi)
Pictures of my toller !
Red info
Beausjour Eighth Henry (Red)
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Great Britain Great Britain / Kennels
(30) Ambertollers info
Rubyron Mekwe'k Tepkunset of Ambertollers (Beau)
Arbetsviljans Granit of Ambertollers (Troy)
Ambertollers Meanin Of Life (Jasper)
Danehaven Lahave of Ambertollers (Thea)
Ambertollers exists to enjoy, work with and promote the breed of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.
Brizewood info
Sh.Ch.Trevargh The Entertainer At Brizewood (Woody)
Glendermacki Fox Cragg At Brizewood (Vinni)
Pedigree's, All Health Records,Show Wins Home Of Top Toller in UK since 2002,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15 & Top Stud 2004 - 2009,Top Rare Breed 2010,Top Stud 2011,2012,13 "WOODY" - BEST OF BREED CRUFTS 2012, Dog CC & BOB Crufts 2013 Winner of the first CC for Tollers in the UK, Dog CC BIS NSDTR Club of UK 1st.Ch.Sh.2013, Takes his 3rd CC & BOB at The National making him the UKs 1st Toller Show Champion, Woody takes his 4th CC & BOB at National Gundog, Woody takes his 5th CC & BOB at WKC,Top Dog & Top Stud 2013, Top Stud Dog 2014,  Woody takes his 9th Best in Show at URC, Woody takes his 10th BIS & 6th CC at the Club Show, Woody takes his 78th BOB & Group 4 at Midland Counties !!, NSDTR Club of UK Ch.Sh. Woody takes his 7th CC & BIS + his 79th BOB, At the National Woody takes his 8th CC & 80th BOB, son Vinni wins limit & Res CC. Woody BOB at Bath & shortlisted in the Group, Woody takes his 9th CC & BOB at NGA, Woody BOB & Best Veteran in Show at URC Ch.Sh., Vinni wins limit, WKC Vinni wins his 5th Limit class, Vinni goes BOB at City of Birmingham, Woody takes his 84th BOB & 3rd in Veteran Group at Southern Counties, Vinni wins Open Dog !! Woody takes Reserve CC from Veteran at Windsor & BOB number 85 at East of England,Res.CC no.4 at NGA, Res.CC no.5 at WKC both from Veteran !CRUFTS 2017 Best Veteran dog & Res.DCC no 6, NSDTR Club Of UK Res. DCC No 7 !!
Camusmor info
Newfanova Jemima Bear at Camusmor (Gypsy)
Camusmor Tomintoul (Tomi)
Camusmor Madjestic Vision (Madjik)
Plus news on all the Camusmor "kids"
Cedarlake Tollers info
Newfanova Pudsey Bear At Cedarlake (Paddy)
Shoredancer Shellseeker At Cedarlake AW(G) RL2-Ex (Rio)
Sh Ch Riverwatcher Yakone At Cedarlake AW(G) (Zoe)
Riverflair Maple Toffee At Cedarlake (Jasmine)
Seahaven Bewitched By Cedarlake (Tegan)
Danehaven info
Decoyman info
Oldholbans Mary Mac Of Decoymans (Kim)
Decoymans Piper Ash (Ash)
Decoymans Piper VD Echtinger Grift (Piper)
Dinaskarrek Duck Tollers info
Actra Angels of Baranya at Dinaskarrek (Maya)
Jocars Wild Tollchester at Dinaskarrek (Jack)
Dkai info
Decoymans Piper Harris Hawk (Kai)
Decoymans The Dreamworker (Dee)
Also at home;
I Have A Need For Speed (Poppy our Border Collie)

EuroNova Tollers info
Secret Squirrel at Euronova (Nova)
Nova will be having a litter in 2010
Fergus, Caoimhe & Aoife info
Paludic Yuletime Present for Erikachen (Fergus)
Camusmor Any Dream Uldo for Erikachen (Caoimhe)
Erikachen Aoife Dearg (Aoife)
This website is dedicated to my wonderful Tollers.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our lives
Gaberlunzie Gundogs info
Danehaven Albany (Aly)
Decoymans Piper Silverbell at Gaberlunzie (Tsula)
Hwyaden Tollers info
Kymin Merry Breeze of Hwyaden (Breeze)
Kymin Puddleduck of Hwyaden (Gemima)
Melanitta info
Purdy & Raggs info
foxdown in excess over eusanit (purdy)
Can Ch Littlerivers Colonial Boy with Tollyhimmel (Raggs)
Eusanit Take it toThe Limit (Snuffles)
eusanit new kid in town with tollyhimmel (maddie)
Alliance de la vie so fantasic (misty)
Eusanit Skys Rocket (vixen)
Redaurora Tollers info
Foxdown Fizz of Redaurora (Fizz)
Redaurora Sky (Scrumpy)
Redaurora Golden Fox Fires (Tipsy)
Riverflair info
Danehaven Musquodoboit (Maple)
Riverwatcher Tollers info
Bel/Lux/Int/UK* ShCh Riverwatcher Atka BWBE'14, BWNL'15, CW'16 (Kyro)
Lux Jr Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW, BJWLU'15, CW'16 (Kyte)
Riverwatcher Ikkuma (Kiva)
Top Toller Breeder 2014 & 2015
Owner of Top Brood Bitch 2013-2015
Breeder of Top Toller & Rare Gundog Puppy 2010,and Top Toller Puppy 2015
FIRST and currently only breeder in UK to have breed 2 UK Show Champions.

Kyro, Riverwatcher Atka is now a UK Show Champion subject to KC confirmation. He won his 1st CC at Welsh KC under Mrs Jill Peak, his 2nd CC at Birmingham National under world renown judge Mr Frank Kane, and his 3rd under Mr John Thirwell.  He is also a Belgian subject to confirmation, Luxembourg and International Show Champion.  He currently holds 3x CC, 4x RCC, 6x CACIB,3x RCACIB, 9xCAC, 4x RCAC and 1x Green Star.  He has been BIS at the NSDTR Club of UK Open Show under Mrs Liz Cartledge and RBIS at the same show in 2014 and 2015, he has also been BIS at the Belgian Toller Club Champ show 2014 & 2015 and to date has not been graded below excellent in Europe. He is health tested and available to approved bitches.

Kyte is nearly 2 years old and has earned her Junior Warrant only the 2nd bitch to do so and is a Luxembourg Junior Ch and currently has 1xRCC, 2x CACIB, 1 RCACIB and 1x Green Star.  She has been BOB in the UK and Belgium all before the age of 2 years

Kiva has been RBIS at the NSDTR Club of UK Open Show under Mrs Liz Cartledge and she has 1x CACIB, 1x RCACIB, 1x RCAC and a Reserve Green Star.  She has also won her class at Crufts in 2012. She is fully health tested.

*Subject to KC confirmation
Ruddyduck info
Camusmor Knockando at Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex. (Rupert)
Camusmor Whattabargin for Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex. (Ari)
Seahaven NSDTRs info
Dinaskarrek’s Red Vixen at Seahaven (Tilly)
Seahaven Parish Bell (Eve)
Proud owners and breeders of NSDTRs & Large Munsterlanders. Our website is dedicated to the lives of our dogs, and all we do with them.
Serentan info
Camusmor Whatadream ShCM (Felix)
Stellenbosch Kennels info
Foxdown Mystery at Stellenbosch (Stella)
Stellenbosch Jacques Frost (Monty)
Tanglebriar info
Foxdown Alfina of Reedrunner (Holly)
Also Flat Coated Retrievers
Tasarla info
Paludic Fancy Woman at Tasarla (Tegan)
Erikachen Aine (Amba)
Tivalake info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Paludic Pleasure Trip RIP (Timber)
Beausjour First 'n Foremost (Kaeden)
Firethorn Under the Red Sky of Tivalake (Cherry)
Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock (Topaz)
Tivalake Cover Girl (Monae)
Tivalake Make 'em Laugh JW (Baxter)
The site contains photographs and information on our dogs and their activities.

Kaeden's photo has been chosen for the front cover of Dog World.

Home of the only quartet of Tollers who have passed the KC Gundog Working Certificate.

Owners and Breeders of Top Toller Puppy & Top Rare Breed Gundog Puppy 2011.

New Information: Topaz has gained a Challenge Certificate and Reserve CC.

NEW: TRAINING DATES: for  2017 to December added & News and Results.

Tollerice info
Fallowfen Foxy Fellow at Tollerice, Beg Ex RL2 Ex (Gretzky)
Foxdown Brodeur at Tollerice, RL2 Ex (Brodeur)
Erikachen Feidhelm at Tollerice, Nov Ex RL2 Ex (Voros)
Tollerice Aivazoff, RL1 Ex (Kadri)
Home of Tollerice Tollers; Gretzky, Brodeur, Voros and Kadri.

Kadri has had 2 RBB at non CC Championship shows and I CAC in Germany. She has had 1 win at Novice level in obedience.

Voros, Brodeur and Gretzky have all gained their Rally level 2 excellent qualifications.
Tollpepper Tollers info
Decoymans Piper Bordeaux at Tollpepper (Pepper)
Lightning Storm of Tollpepper AW(B) (Storm)
Danehaven Tennycape at Tollpepper (Jack)
Tollpepper Tartu (Finn)
See our website for information & photographs about our lovely dogs and their achievements

What a fantastic Crufts 2012 we had with 6 of the puppies entered all of the dogs went home with a place, 3 of them qualifying for Crufts 2013.

Storm has now been awarded her Bronze agility warrant
Wakaduze info
INT BV CH Narod Aroona at Wakaduz EW09 (Roo)
CH SK BV Whispering Reed's Hutamya at Wakaduze (Shomnah)
Wakaduze Du'Ta (Koda)
Wakaduze Wapa (Juno)
River Wise Of Great Pleasure At Wakaduze (IMP BEL) (Innes)
Wakaduze Kennel info
Narod Aroona at Wakaduze (Roo)
Weyfrome Tollers info
Wyakin & Rudy info
Danehaven Nictaux Of Fallowfen (Wyakin)
Ale Rudy Fallowfen Lis Retrover (Rudy)
Seawild's I'm Fallowfen Hot to Trot (Copper)
Polish Junior Champion Ale Rudy Fallowfen Lis Retrover "Rudy" Toller Stud Dog.

D.O.B. 07/06/2006
Hips 5/3 Current eye certificate. Optigen tested normal/clear for G.P.R.A. and CEA/CH

Danehaven Nictaux Of Fallowfen "Wyakin" Our Toller Stud Dog.

D.O.B. 07/11/04 Hips 4/6 Current eye certificate Optigen tested clear/normal for G.P.R.A and CEA/CH
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Great Britain Great Britain / Organizations
(2) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club Of UK info
The ONLY Kennel Club Registered Club for Tollers in the United Kingdom - founded in 1993
Contains Origins - UK Breed Standard - Brochure about the breed, Agility - Working - Breed Browser of all UK Tollers with 3 & 5 generation Pedigree's, COI + Health Results,Show critiques,updated quarterly from KC Official Records - Breed Records Supplement
Photo's of Winners from the Clubs 6th show on the 19th November 2011 + Judges Critique's now online.
Results from all Championship shows with classes for the breed throughout the Year.
Forthcoming Events - Gallery ,Club Membership Form, ***NEW interactive Breed, Browser + COIs of all registered Tollers ***
All you would wish to know about the breed in the  UK.
Toller Club Of Great Britain - Breed Club For The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever info
Toller Club Of Great Britain - Breed Club For The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Hosts of the largest and most active Toller forum currently on the internet, large photo gallery, club trophy points, rescue pages and a large array of documents which have everything from identifying a Toller in rescue, a guide to buying a puppy along with a copy of our detailed brochure telling you all about the breed.

The complete website for all Toller related things.
NEWS - Our Breed Browser giving details on all UK registered Tollers has now been launched. As it is totally interactive it is constantly kept upto date so will always have the most upto date information. You can update the details of any dog and upload photos to show them off to the world.
Hundreds of health & personal information entered monthly by Toller owners , plus quarterly updates from the KC.
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Great Britain Great Britain / Others
(2) The Book of Duck Decoys, 1886 info
The Book of Duck Decoys by Sir Ralph Payne Gallwey, 1886
Toller Forum info
Toller forum where NSDTR enthusiasts and owners meet to discuss health issues, share experiences, introduce their Tollers and offer support.  No need to join club to participate on forum.
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