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Belgium Belgium / Homepages
(5) Cooper info
Enya, Inari & Kaiser info
Crazy Red Secret Four The Dreamworker (Enya)
Inari Enya (Inari)
Ilko Kaiser (Kaiser)
This site is about my Toller Enya and her litter with Fireheart Jelle's Darwin.
Giran info
Giran of Great Pleasure (Giran)
This is the website of Giran.
Here you can find information about his health, show results, working and lots of photos!
Kobe & Lewis info
CIE, LUX, NL, BE, AT, VDH Multi CH Alliance de la Vie Thunderclap (Kobe)
Alliance de la Vie One of Us (Lewis)
Alliance de la Vie Fox Finder (Niño)
Owyn Tornado des Terres du Phénix (Owyn)
Vince info
Mayflower Dancer's Invincible (Vince)
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Belgium Belgium / Kennels
(13) Blackberrys Tollers info
Jara Golden Blackberrys (Raya)
Princess Angels of Baranya (Zelda)
BlackBerry Rudolfovska Skala (Nina)
Latoya Golden BlackBerrys (Daimy)
Lorca of Claudstollers (Rio)
Angel Golden Blackberrys (Jody)
Golden Blackberrys is a Tollerkennel residing at the Dutch-Belgium border. A qualitative good herd of Tollers with lighter as well as darkbrown coats and with scandanavian as well as canadian bloodlines. Our site is in Dutch, English and German.
De Kellefleur info
Dior Golden Blackberrys
Flaming Rockstars info
CIB CH B LUX FR Fireheart Jelle's Darwin (Darwin)
Hunter's Moonlight Bluebell Gwendolyne (Hina)
Flaming Rockstars Lordwatson (Watson)
Gerundo Red Rain to Flaming Rockstars (Floor)
Evessin Praline to Flaming Rockstars (Lizzy)
Heavenly Creatures info
Special Kahlua From Nova's Power (Kahlua)
Special Dakota Golden Blackberrys (Dakota)
Golden Dream From Nova's Power (Chinouk)
George Baker From Nova's Power (Gio)
Mayflower Dancer's info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Lux. J CH Jill the Mayflower Dancer Vom Lech-Toller Nest (Jill)
Mayflower Dancer's Kate (Kate)
of Great Pleasure info
Ch nl,german,VDH, Lux, Can., Slovak, Worldwinner 2002 Ynuittotem of Great Pleasure (Kai)
CH nl Lux Dts VDH SLovak Can Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure (Gus)
Worldwinner ch Lux Nl Dts VDH Slovak Decoyman's Piper Bracken (Safran)
Eur Ch Lux Nl Lux Vdh Nl Can . Velvet Lace of Great Pleasure (Jolly)
CH Nl Lux VDH Dts Star of Great Pleasure (Kayla)
Ch Lux Ch Chinook of Great Pleasure
Our tollers, pedigrees, pictures, information about the breed......
Redhead Angels info
Britney Spears from Nova's Power (Pink)
Four Roses from Nova's Power (Nera)
Retriever's des Petits Bouleaux info
Multi Ch. Douance Magnolia of Duckinson (Magnio)
Ch Duckinson Iliade (Inaya)
Ch Duckinson Jaguar (Jasper)
JavaHill's Rider In The Sky (Ride)
Multi Ch Junior Shaggy Toller's Libby Little (Libby)
Ch Junior One Night of Vilolet Moon des Petits Bouleaux (Violette)
Duckinson Little Yarmouth (Mouse)
Ch Duckinson Jamaïca (Jumpy)
Lily Rose de l'Abbaye des Terres de Flandres (Rosi)
RiverTails info
Alliance de la Vie Madu (Suki)
Alliance de la Vie Dream the Dream (Miwa)
BE JCh. EvViva La Vita Assassin's Arrow (Kitsune)
RiverTails Ocean's Octopussy (Emi)
RiverTails Ocean's Number One (Milow)
RiverTails Ocean's Safe Haven (Luca)
Steady-Line's info
True Tollers info
Diba of Great Pleasure (Diba)
Gritse from Truetollers (Gritse)
Kitsune from Truetollers (Kitsune)
Vigo from Truetollers (Vigo)
Whispering Reed's info
Int,JWW, Lux, Ned, Slo, DRC, VDH,Bel, Can, EUW 03 and 05 Axaluca of Great Pleasure (Luca)
Ch Slo, VDH CC Whisper of Great Pleasure (Whisper)
Eden Flower of Great Pleasure (Sky)
Ch Slo Duck Tail's Whispering Reeds YeeHaa (Jinx)
Whispering Reed's Guess Who (Liesl)
Bonouk's Narnia v Telgter Spreng (Nina)
SeaTerrace Whispering Juliet (Julie)
Whispering Reed's Ma Cara Lucia (Loesje)
Next Generation Perfect Mate Dancing with Fire (Stafke)
Yardan, Zybo & Chanel info
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Belgium Belgium / Organizations
(3) Belgian Retriever Club info
Belgian Toller Club info
Official Toller Club of Belgium
Vlaamse Tollers info
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Belgium Belgium / Others
(2) Belgian tollerlink site info
Belgium link site to clubs, homepages, breeders, sport and others
Tollerforum info
Een gezellig nederlandstalig forum waar je lekker kunt kletsen over je tollers, en informatie over de toller kunt opdoen, er zijn al veel leden, kom je ook gezellig mee kletsen?
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