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Finland Finland / Organizations
(4) Novascotiannoutajat ry info
Novascotiannoutajat - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers ry

Tolleriyhdistyksen kotisivut: tietoa rodusta ja yhdistyksestä, pentuvälitys
Suomen kennelliitto info
Suomen Metsästysnoutajat ry info
Suomen Noutajakoirajärjestö info
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Sweden Sweden / Organizations
(18) Blekingetollarna info
Gästrike Tollare info
Hemsida för Tollarklubbens aktivitetsgrupp i Gästrikland.
Göteborgstollarna info
Gute Tollarna info
Hälsingetollarna info
Hälsingetollarna är en aktivitetsgrupp i Svenska Tollarklubben. Här presenteras de tollare som bor i landskapet. Här kan ni också läsa om tidigare och kommande aktiviteter och lite annat smått och gott. Välkommen!
Hjälmartollarna info
Östgötatollarna info
Hemsidan för aktivitetsgruppen i Östergötland - "Östgötatollarna".
Ny hemsideadress!
Skaraborgstollarna info
En av Tollarklubbens aktivitetsgrupper.
Arrangörer av Tollarspecialen 2006 i Mariestad!
Stockholms Södra Aktivitetsgrupp info
En  av Tollarklubbens aktivitetsgrupper. Vi håller till i Stockholmstrakten. Här hittar du vår blogg där vi informerar om våra  aktiviter.  Du kan också hitta kontaktuppgifter och vägbeskrivning till oss. Välkomna!
Tollare i Dalarna info
SVCH Solvingas Zigge Popnel (Zigge)
SVCH Springer Nova's Shanie (Shanie)
SVCH NVCH Springer Nova's Tim Tuffsson (Tim)
LPI SVCH Vattubrinkens Calamity Jane (Jacki)
Hut's Atlas (Atlas)
Hut's Astrakan (Gusten)
Hut's Judy Garland (Lava)
Flyingtollers Fanny (Alice)
S(U)CH SVCH Flyingtollers Jasmine (Nessie)
Hut's Clausellina (Chani)
Duck Dog's RedHead (Ronja)
Bella Nova’s Kilande Mikra (Mikra)
Skymningsskallets King (Amigo)
Vattubrinkens Muffins Of Ace (Nova)
Konrad (Konrad)
Koppeldragets Häxan (Mira)
Bella Nova’s Laddade Krieghoff (Kricke)
Bella Nova’s Laddade Remington (Nemo)
Tollarbos Milton Lira Banjo (Milton)
Hossa-Zebness (Hossa)
Lady-Zebness (Lady)
Esset-Zebness (Dexi)
Havsrävens Pascha Ostra (Lilja)
Hut's Kryddkrasse (Kryddan)
Hut's Kapris (Kasper)
Njupavallens Prinsessa (Shira)
Canagold's Ron Weasley (Rey)
Springer Nova's Chippen Af Amor (Chippen)
Jenwill's William (Wille)
Chroje Blenda Bon (Milla)
Kanadickens Emilia-Romagna Di Cosa (Chili)
Sveabotollarn's Cinderella (Dälla)
Dalerivers Catalina (Ina)
Dalerivers Barracuda (Nemo)
Working Beauty's Glossy Glamour (Elaisa)
Working Beauty's Friendly Fellow (King)
Riverduck's Oden af Zeb (Oden)
Hut's Vorri (Sumo)
LPI Skymningsskallets Nick Nolte (Viggo)
Soldrivans Nigel Search For Nemo (Igge)
Soldrivans Peach Search For Nemo (Peach)
Välkomna till Tollare i Dalarna!!
Tollare i Östra Sörmland info
Tollare i Småland info
Tollare i Väst info
Tollare i Västerbotten info
Hemsida för aktivitetsgruppen i Västerbotten inom Tollarklubben.
Tollare i västmanland info
Tollarklubben info
Upplandstollarna info
Värmlandstollarna info
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Norway Norway / Organizations
(1) Norsk Retrieverklubb info
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Denmark Denmark / Organizations
(2) Aktivitetskreds Nordjylland info
Dansk NSDTR Klub info
Officiel webside for Tollerklubben i Danmark. Indeholder arrangementer, hanhundeliste, hvalpeliste, galleri o.m.a.
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Austria Austria / Organizations
(1) Österreichischer Retriever Club info
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Belgium Belgium / Organizations
(3) Belgian Retriever Club info
Belgian Toller Club info
Official Toller Club of Belgium
Vlaamse Tollers info
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Canada Canada / Organizations
(3) NSDTR Club of Canada info
Ontario Toller info
Open Hip/Eye/Heart Registry info
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Germany Germany / Organizations
(1) Deutscher Retriever Club (VDH/FCI-Club) info
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Great Britain Great Britain / Organizations
(2) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club Of UK info
The ONLY Kennel Club Registered Club for Tollers in the United Kingdom - founded in 1993
Contains Origins - UK Breed Standard - Brochure about the breed, Agility - Working - Breed Browser of all UK Tollers with 3 & 5 generation Pedigree's, COI + Health Results,Show critiques,updated quarterly from KC Official Records - Breed Records Supplement
Photo's of Winners from the Clubs 6th show on the 19th November 2011 + Judges Critique's now online.
Results from all Championship shows with classes for the breed throughout the Year.
Forthcoming Events - Gallery ,Club Membership Form, ***NEW interactive Breed, Browser + COIs of all registered Tollers ***
All you would wish to know about the breed in the  UK.
Toller Club Of Great Britain - Breed Club For The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever info
Toller Club Of Great Britain - Breed Club For The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Hosts of the largest and most active Toller forum currently on the internet, large photo gallery, club trophy points, rescue pages and a large array of documents which have everything from identifying a Toller in rescue, a guide to buying a puppy along with a copy of our detailed brochure telling you all about the breed.

The complete website for all Toller related things.
NEWS - Our Breed Browser giving details on all UK registered Tollers has now been launched. As it is totally interactive it is constantly kept upto date so will always have the most upto date information. You can update the details of any dog and upload photos to show them off to the world.
Hundreds of health & personal information entered monthly by Toller owners , plus quarterly updates from the KC.
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Netherlands Netherlands / Organizations
(4) Canine Freestyle info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
Ruby from Nova's Power (Ruby)
Canine Freestyle
Jachthonden - NSDTR info
NSDTR Club Nederland info
The site is completely refreshed! Come in and find out!
The Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever Club Nederland (Dutch Tollerclub) is recognised by the Dutch Kennelclub.
Vereniging voor de NSDTR info
Website van de Vereniging voor de Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, boordevol informatie over de Toller .
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Switzerland Switzerland / Organizations
(2) Retriever Club Suisse info
Verein Toller Schweiz info
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USA USA / Organizations
(3) AKC info
American Kennel Club - about NSDTR
NSDTR Club of USA info
Rescue Me! NSDT Rescue info
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Czech Czech / Organizations
(2) KCHLS - Retriever Club info
Toller klub CZ info Popular link that you haven't tried for a while
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Others Others / Organizations
(1) Base of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in Poland info
This page is dedicated to Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in Poland; here you can find all informations about kennels, puppies,and base of Tollers in Poland. In Polish we have lot of informations about life with Toller - health, training, feeding, grooming, breeding, etc.
By our website we try to  help other people with searching any info about Tollers and popularize this breed in Poland as well.
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