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Capsi, Chili & Ferra

08/28: New pics: Puppy reunion 6 months
08/27: New pics: Toller Specialty 2009
05/11: New pics: Spring Collection
04/12: New pics: Puppies V
03/07: Puppy names published!
03/03: New pics: Puppies IV
02/15: New pics: Puppies part III
02/08: New pics: Puppies - Part II
02/03: More new pics: Ferra's pups - The first 14 days
11/23: New pics: First Snow
11/22: New pics: Calle (Tollartrollets Safir)
11/20: Info about the first Ferrafox litter
11/16: New pics: Aaron
11/09: Update sections for Capsi, Chili and Ferra
11/09: Kennel section opened

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