Capsi's littermates: Emma (Nicoletta)

Emma age 6 days - 5 weeks
Emma age 6 weeksEmma with Jaakko, Marianne and Benita

Emma lives in Helsinki with Jaakko and Marianne

Emma in the photo album: Jan/2004, Nov/2003, Aug/2003, Jan/2003

Emma at 4 months and 10 days (nearly 18 weeks)

Emma is very cuddly, she loves to sit in the lap, no matter whose lap. She is very curious and fearless with other dogs and she loves kids, just like kids love her. This girl is full of kisses!

These pictures were taken when Capsi met Emma for the first time since leaving the breeder.

Emma at the puppy reunion (6 months old).

Emma 8 months old at toller club's obedience training. Emma is quite a clever girl!
Emma doing the high obstacle after class